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As stocks tumble, the U.S. wonders: Is this economy as good as it gets?
(Oct 2018) This year’s economic performance has consistently exceeded expectations, as the stock market set records . the last time the United States had a productivity boom. “I always look at technology inves

Markets Right Now: US stocks tumble for second day
(Oct 2018) This would mark the sixth straight day of losses for the market, which has been rattled by rising interest rates, signs of a slowdown in the global economy and the U.S.-China trade dispute. All of tho

Donald Trumps slams ‘aggressive’ US Federal Reserve as share market tumbles
(Oct 2018) DONALD Trump has hit out at the US central bank, saying it was “too aggressive” in raising interest rates as the share market continued to tumble. US PRESIDENT Donald . But not long after he spoke,

US stocks give up big early gain after two
(Oct 2018) Stocks are on track for their biggest weekly losses in six months as investors have been rattled by big increases in interest rates and concerns that U.S.-China trade tensions are impairing global eco

Black market rates tumble
(Oct 2018) PARALLEL market rates plummeted yesterday . balances into the United States dollar, as well as availability of the greenback for Nostro foreign currency accounts. Finance and Economic Development Mi

US stocks are on track for gains after two
(Oct 2018) Stocks remain volatile after that plunge, and are headed for their worst weekly loss in six months. Investors have been rattled by big increases in interest rates and concerns that U.S.-China trade te

What the US mid-term elections mean for currencies: everything you need to know
(Oct 2018) All impact the economy, thus impacting . markets would struggle, and the US Dollar is set to fall. However, markets will probably prefer Mike Pence. The 2018 mid-term elections are a major political

Oil falls as Saudi and Russia quietly agree output rise, US stocks swell
(Oct 2018) build in US commercial crude (inventories), which generally suggests that oil prices should tumble,” said . and weakening emerging market currencies are creating a toxic inflationary mix that could

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