‘Boring’ Cannabis Investments Are Growing at Merida

Merida invests in businesses like Emerald Scientific which sells cannabis science supplies, equipment, and information. Here company vice president Wes Burk demonstrates steam distillation of cannabis terpenes.Emerald Scientific

Mitch Baruchowitz’s investment firm Merida in midtown Manhattan, has deployed $50M in capital to 17 cannabis-related companies in the last year and a half.

While his investee companies are growing quickly and the market is dynamic, Baruchowitz likes to say ‘We invest in the boring parts of the cannabis industry.’ That includes any technology or equipment related to cannabis that gets widely used like laboratory testing services, compliance and data collection software, production equipment, and packaging. ‘There is a lot of traction in lab testing,’ Baruchowitz said for example, ‘because it’s part of the supply chain, so everyone needs it and you can’t get around it.’

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  • Date: 2018-09-30
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