Bruno a boon for businesses, but not everyone is a fan

Classes at Radford High School ended early ‘ at 12:45 ‘ Thursday so students and faculty could get home before the Bruno Mars madness began.

Mars is wrapping wrap up his world tour with three sold-out shows in his home state. Some 36,000 spectators will pack the stands at each concert.

Over at Stadium Mall, employees at the Stadium Camellia Restaurant say they are open an extra two hours Thursday to accommodate large groups of hungry fans.

‘Today, we have extra helpers to help us prepare more food,’ said Shawn Dulatre, of the eatery. “The business should be booming over here.

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Saturday’s Alabama-LSU matchup a major boon for Baton Rouge

The Alabama-LSU Saturday night showdown in Tiger Stadium is shaping up to the biggest day of the year’not only for local football fans but also for Baton Rouge. ‘

LSU is expecting some 150,000 people on campus Saturday for tailgating leading up to the 7 p.m. kickoff, which is even more fans than what descended upon campus for the Oct. 13 Georgia game, says LSU Senior Associate Athletic Director Robert Munson.

Because the two teams are so highly ranked’Alabama is No. 1, LSU No. 3’and face-off in the primetime slot on CBS, everyone who has anything to do with college football will be at the game or watching it, Munson says.

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Pro Wrestling Meets Halloween: Let’s Revisit the Top Five Moments from WCW’s ‘Halloween Havoc’ Events!

But when the subject of Halloween Havoc came up, we were right in line with each other. So instead of bickering back and forth, we decided to combine our efforts and give you, the readers of Bloody Disgusting, a little insight into what made WCW’s annual October PPV arguably their biggest event of the calendar year. Which’ when you look at it, is probably a glimpse into the chaos and absurdity that was WCW.

I think we will be going in chronological order with these except for our consensus #1 pick. So let’s get right down to it’

* * *

So let’s talk about the cage itself. Normally, a cage match has a steel cage that sits on the edges of the ring, so you cannot get in or out of the ring. This cage was the first that I recall that went all the way to the floor, allowing wrestlers to hit the floor and maneuver around the ringside area. We take that for granted now with matches like Hell in the Cell, but this was revolutionary on this stage. It was different’. Oh boy, was it different. Instead of the cyclone fencing that WCW used or the ‘big blue’ steel bars that WWF had at the time, this appeared to be made of thin rebar in a flimsy pattern, something like the collapsable cage that my wife bought to pen her pet rabbit in. For Halloween, it is decorated with spooky decor’. which consists of a few vines, some cobwebs and a tree branch. This reminds me of something you’d drag out of the Detroit River or an abandoned patio set. But it was electrified! So much so that a rag caught on fire and officials had to scramble to put it out. This actually led to one of the more memorable spots in the match where Muta spit his green mist to douse the flames! Which’ the camera missed. Typical WCW. It’s sounds funny that this is a memorable spot’ maybe it was just me? Nope, I was texting my buddy Derek about this match and that was the first thing he mentioned.

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McElroy: Redskins punter Tress Way got a taste of full

Redskins punter Tress Way discusses a fake punt, his YouTube highlights, and being teammates with Adrian Peterson.

Question: I’ve called you the ’12th man’ of the Redskins’ defense because you have been constantly pinning offenses inside the 20 this season. What do you think of the nickname?

Answer: Man, I kind of like that. As a specialist, I just sit on the side eating sunflower seeds and chewing some gum, but I’ll tell you, after getting banged up last week and making the tackle, I’m really starting to feel like a real football player.

I was limping. I felt tough. I was looking around at my wife, who, God bless her, she gave me all the credit in the world. I had a little limp and I was like, ‘Babe, what do you think?’ Chicks did the scars, supposedly.

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