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On Climate, the Facts and Law Are Against Trump
(Dec 2018) In fact, the administration’s so-called Affordable Clean Energy . where he directs the Institute for Policy Integrity. More on climate change in Opinion.

LETTERS: “I would like to know where Kelley got his ‘scientific facts.’ ”
on 13th of Dec 2018 Kelley states (Dec. 12, “Volusia leader disputes climate report”) that “Scientific facts prove that the ice caps are not melting due to global warming or climate change.” I would like to know where Ke

Opinion: Our stubborn attitude toward the facts
(Dec 2018) Facts, as the old saying goes, are “stubborn things.” But what about our attitude toward facts? When one’s feelings about facts drive a decision, the facts themselves can quickly take a back seat. Say

OPINION: Don’t let Trump skew the facts on climate change
(Dec 2018) The Red & Black publishes opinions from a number of contributors and staff columnists. Their opinions do not reflect the opinions of the editorial staff. The editorial staff is in no way involved with

Whicker: The playoff four is triumph of fact over opinion
(Dec 2018) The College Football Playoff selection committee labored mightily and, again, brought forth the truth. Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma belong in the playoff. Anything else would have been a

Alternative facts have no place in a newspaper
(Dec 2018) After all, editors and editorial boards, not mindless algorithms, are supposed to ensure statements printed as fact are indeed so. Thus, it was disappointing to see an opinion piece (Who engineered th

Judge Ralph Strother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
(Dec 2018) “It’s my opinion that our jurors aren’t ready to . It’s hard to understand why the prosecutor can somehow propose to view the facts through rose-colored glasses as some sort of low

Talk of the County: Defending president in Saudi situation takes ‘fact
(Dec 2018) “Double standard” takes the fact-free idiocy of Trump supporters to new heights . and why the News-Sun believes that his opinions are worth such an important part of the paper. If you can’t find a m

Anita’s Angle: What opinion means to me
(Dec 2018) It is a fair criticism — why should you take time out of your day to read the arguments and analysis of others when you have the education and critical thinking skills to interpret the facts on your o

Airbnb discriminates against Jews, as media skews facts
(Dec 2018) In addition, BBC Watch’s Hadar Sela, writing in The Algemeiner, discussed how “the BBC elected once again to ignore its editorial obligation of ‘due impartiality’ by erasing from view the existence of

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