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Harvey Weinstein changing lawyers amid push for more aggressive strategy
on 17th of Jan 2019 Harvey Weinstein and attorney Benjamin Brafman announced Thursday that the criminal defense attorney will no longer represent the beleaguered producer in his rape case and that a new team of lawyers w

Investors are paying a record price to safeguard against a stock
on 17th of Jan 2019 It’s hard to fault investors who are nervous about the near-term future of the stock market. After all, they just experienced the worst year for equities since the financial crisis. And the scapegoats

Trump Outlines Broader Missile-Defense Strategy
on 17th of Jan 2019 WASHINGTON—President Trump called Thursday for an expanded and more sophisticated missile-defense system and said America’s allies must share in future costs of U.S. protection. The missile-defense pl

Launching new missile strategy, Trump pushes wall
on 17th of Jan 2019 President Donald Trump Thursday rolled out a new strategy for an aggressive space-based missile defense system. In remarks at the Pentagon, he also slammed Democrats over the government shutdown and c

Democrats and activists punish Trump with a new strategy: Ignoring him
on 17th of Jan 2019 Sen. Elizabeth Warren, once one of President Trump’s biggest antagonists on Twitter, isn’t engaging the president these days — even after he went after the Massachusetts Democrat, her husband, and her

New US strategy foresees sensors in space to track missiles
on 17th of Jan 2019 WASHINGTON — Moving to protect the U.S. from advanced missile threats from China and Russia, President Trump on Thursday laid out plans for a new array of space-based sensors and other high-tech syste

Space is new arena for war, Donald Trump says as he unveils missile defence strategy
on 17th of Jan 2019 Space is the new arena for war, Donald Trump said on Thursday as he announced a major drive to update America’s missile defence system and touted his “Space Force” proposal. The US president said that

A Listening Strategy Is More Than Just Listening
on 17th of Jan 2019 Disruptive technologies. Rapidly changing labor and financial markets. Shifting internal and external consumer demands. If these challenges sound familiar—and have a profound impact on how you make de

President Trump puts adversaries on notice with revamped missile
Jan 18th, 2019 00:06 UTC Trump says a space-based missile defense system will be developed to detect and destroy enemy missiles; Lucas Tomlinson reports from the Pentagon.

“Star Wars” Light? We Explain Trump’s Missile Defense Strategy
on 17th of Jan 2019 At the Pentagon today, President Trump presided over the release of his administration’s long-awaited Missile Defense Review, the road map for defending the United States, its overseas bases, and regi

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