China tries to boost its economy, as long trade fight looms with Trump

China is redoubling efforts to protect its slowing economy from the effects of a trade war with the United States, providing fresh ammunition for President Trump’s claim that Washington enjoys the upper hand in the deepening commercial conflict.

The modest slowdown stands in contrast to the surging U.S. economy, which boasts an unemployment rate near half-century lows.

The president in recent weeks has brushed off Chinese calls for negotiations over the trade dispute, labeling Beijing’s offers as inadequate and saying the time is not yet right to deal.

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Trump is trying to ‘de-globalize’ the Chinese and US economies, former WTO chief says

President Donald Trump is trying to “de-globalize” the U.S. and Chinese economies, the former head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) told CNBC on Monday.

The ongoing dispute will make both economies less “entwined” and thus less globalized, Pascal Lamy, former director-general of the WTO told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe.”

“The U.S. is trying to push back on China and Donald Trump’s view is that the U.S. and the Chinese economy are too much together, and they need to be more separated. The purpose is a sort of de-globalization of the U.S. and China, which he thinks it is necessary to contain China’s rise,” Lamy, who is President Emeritus of think tank, the Jacques Delors Institute, said.

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Team Trump Preps an Uppercut to the Chinese Economy

As the Trump administration continues to ramp up tariffs as part of its effort to inflict economic levies on China, behind the scenes it is quietly taking steps to deal another blow to the country.

The Department of Treasury and Commerce are knee-deep in crafting new regulations that will implement restrictions against China meant to limit its ability to access U.S. technology, data, and infrastructure, current and former officials told The Daily Beast. The regulations will also propel a plan that gives the government the jurisdiction to review Chinese investment into American companies that deal with or manufacture that technology.

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After trade deal win, Trump doubles down on China

US President Donald Trump’s new trade deal with Canada and Mexico saw stock markets rally and traders across North America breathe sighs of relief this week, but the news was received more warily in China.

Beijing has been locked in its own escalating trade war with the US throughout 2018. According to several trade experts, Trump is likely to push harder for concessions from China in a row that could drag on for months – or even years – longer.’

Trump hammered that point home when talking to reporters outside the White House on Monday, as he framed the deal with Canada and Mexico as a win for his hardball strategy to reshape global commerce to benefit the United States.

Mike Pence’s Tough Talk on China: The Trump Administration’s ‘Evil Empire’ Moment?

In a speech that could mark an “evil empire” moment akin to when President Reagan called out the Soviet Union, Vice President Mike Pence did not pull his punches in a speech today at the Hudson Institute.


While I certainly welcome the intense focus on the China challenge’and agree with the Trump Administration approach’it will come at a cost. That means the end of the North Korea maximum-pressure campaign, as I explained recently as part of a panel discussion in Seoul several weeks back (go to 35:40).’

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