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The red state that loves free college
(Jan 2019) Haslam enlisted Mark Norris, the Senate majority leader and one of the state Legislature’s most conservative members, to draft free college legislation . now a district judge after he was tapped by

Why screen time studies can’t measure the effect of smartphones on our well
(Jan 2019) I wonder if smartphones aren’t like that, too . of the Federal Communications Commission, to brief them about recent revelations that telecoms like Verizon, the one he used to work for, have been se

Behind the scenes, Bainter pulls strings
(Jan 2019) Jones operates 55 political committees in Florida and several other nonprofit organizations, some of which have ties to Data Targeting. He, too, has declined to answer . according to Federal Aviatio

The Daily 202: ‘The last election was a wake
(Jan 2019) “It’s too early to think about campaigns . At the same time, House Democrats pressed forward with their strategy of passing individual spending bills to reopen portions of the federal government tha

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