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State Of The Economy 16: The Fed Likely Just Started The Next Stock Market Rally
(Dec 2018) The Fed Delivers The Christmas Gift Wall Street . (both economic and earnings) shift and point to a recession (and bear market) coming within the next 12 to 18 months, you’ll read about it

China’s Xi takes humiliating loss to US on trade, Huawei — but Trump could be getting played
Dec 14th, 2018 03:39 UTC Xi’s “Made in China 2025” economic strategy unraveled this week as the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported . They’re small potatoes. Read more: Forget the car tariffs and other cosmetic trade

Larry Kudlow on China trade tensions, rattled Wall Street; Sen. King on developments in the Mueller probe
(Dec 2018) Prosecutors tie President Trump closer to Russian interference and other crimes and doubts about that U.S.- China trade deal rattle Wall Street. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE . and what it means for the U.S. eco

The junky monkeys who populate the stock market got the wrong message from Jerome Powell’s speech
(Dec 2018) Read more: A notorious recession signal is on the brink of crisis-era levels, and it’s proof Wall street is bracing . And don’t forget the most important thing that Jay Powell said on Wednesday: ‎ ”

China Stimulus May Not Be Enough To Boost Economy
(Dec 2018) China has a bunch of little, nagging problems that will slow its economy in the months ahead. Whether its cracking down on crazy loans from small, muni lenders, to real estate developers run amok and—

Trade Truce: Market Appears To Get A Big Lift As Tariff Fears Retreat After G20
(Dec 2018) the Wall Street Journal reported. Second, the cutoff date for Brexit is March 29. By then, Britain and the rest of Europe would likely have to have a trade agreement in place, and that’s facing some o

Apple will buy Tesla and other ‘outrageous predictions’ from Saxo Bank
(Dec 2018) 2) Netflix NFLX, +2.74% hit by corporate-credit crunch carnage Garnry believes 2019 will see . By next summer, a December Fed hike has proved a bad move with the U.S. economy and Wall Street stocks

Bernie Sanders: Billionaires Are Destroying the Fabric of Our Country
(Dec 2018) Read a transcript of their interview below or watch . especially since World War II, where finance, Wall Street is so dominant in the economy. And this concentration of ownership and concentration o

Tuesday Turnaround: If the Market Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy
(Dec 2018) Earlier Tuesday morning, TheStreet reported that White House officials attempted to add specifics to the headlines generated from the weekend’s trade summit between President Donald Trump and Chinese

How to Trade Micron Technology in This Volatile Market
(Dec 2018) Oh, and let’s not forget that aggressive buyback. That helps EPS as well. Across Wall Street, a bevy of analysts lowered price . Idaho-headquartered firm is reliant upon the Chinese economy for more

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