G2 Crowd Raises $55M to Transform the Way Businesses Buy Software

This is one of the largest rounds in Chicago this year, which led me to consider: What are some of the factors driving investor confidence in G2 Crowd?

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As I mentioned above, G2 Crowd is tackling a $3.7 trillion market opportunity, and they’ve established strong traction in that market. Enterprises are digitizing their operations, and with that comes wasteful spending on underused software as well as lost productivity due to unreliable or underperforming software.

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Enter G2 Crowd, which built a trust framework for businesses to discover and vet software solutions, similarly to how Amazon helps consumers vet products. With over 500,000 verified customer reviews about nearly 60,000 products, the company’s proprietary algorithm captures real-time qualitative data about product user satisfaction and usability (among other factors). The result for G2 Crowd is that traffic to their enterprise technology marketplace has more than doubled year over year. This up-and-to-the-right growth is sure to get the attention of any investor, and G2 Crowd has earned that.

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  • Date: 2018-10-11
  • Author: Pete Wilkins
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More money, more reviews: G2 Crowd raises $55M Series C to scale globally

G2 Crowd, an online platform that allows businesses to see user reviews of B2B software and services, announced the raise of a $55 million Series C on Thursday, bringing the’company’s total funding amount to $100 million.

Later-stage venture capital firm IVP led the round, and investor Jules Maltz will be joining G2’s board of directors. Additional funding was provided by returning investors Acce and Pritzker Group, and new contributor Emergence Capital.

‘We have a lot of work in front of us,’ said Godard Abel, CEO and co-founder,’I’m feeling very excited about the opportunity to realize our dreams but also feeling a healthy pressure to invest that money wisely and build the company.’

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June.ai raises $1.5 million for AI-powered email management

June.ai aims to minimize lost time with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The two-year-old startup today announced a $1.5 million preseed funding round led by a group of investors that includes John Suh, CEO of LegalZoom, and Marc Michel, a partner at Runaway Venture Partners.

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‘Not only am I excited about advising the June.ai team as they execute their vision, but I’m thrilled about June from a personal standpoint,’ Suh said. ‘June is a completely new and enjoyable way of organizing communication ‘ the platform not only gives me control over who contacts me, but sorts through all of the noise and allows me to focus on what’s important.’

  • Publisher: VentureBeat
  • Date: 2018-10-11T06:15:03-07:00
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Rep. John’Lewis remembers it all vividly. It was the 1940s and 1950s in Troy, Alabama, ‘a small town situated about 50 miles from Montgomery’s metropolis. Everywhere, authorities in his hometown told him where his family were and were not welcome. Waiting areas, restrooms, and restaurants were divided by stark, one-line signs: “White” and “Colored.”‘He attended a segregated public school and would later write in his memoir that by the time he was six years old he had only ever seen two White people.’

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