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How The Bond Market Is Rescuing The Housing Market
(Jan 2019) Should it continue, the housing market . position that, left to its own devices (i.e., without the effects of reckless or pernicious government policies), the economy is headed towards a

Affordability fuels new U.S. housing hot spots
on 17th of Jan 2019 Overall, the national housing market is expected to slow in 2019, with home prices projected to rise . with few female executives occupying senior positions

These are the nation’s most competitive housing markets
(Jan 2019) Well, you might need some luck on your side, as these housing markets are among the most competitive in the country, according to LendingTree. Although the housing market is expected to experience a s

Hot no more: Seattle dropped from Zillow’s list of top 10 hottest real estate markets
on 17th of Jan 2019 Though the housing market is cooling in Seattle, it is by no means cold. “In some ways, this slowdown is a reversion to a sustainable . Cities in the second, third and fourth positions (Orlando, Den

A Fragile Real Estate Market Could Torture Redfin Stock This Year
(Jan 2019) In December, Redfin warned this year’s housing market “will be coolest we . Kelman cites another explanation for the brewing slowdown: the high-paying jobs that tend to accompany growth

A Soft Market Isn’t A Reason To Sit Out NYC Real Estate Investment
(Jan 2019) “The markets will not bounce back overnight, but the pieces are in position to play, and once again, the resilient NYC investment real estate market will . even in a less-desirable market. “A market

The Agency buys Top Level Real Estate after a year of delays
on 17th of Jan 2019 “This company-making transaction is a significant milestone in the short history of The Agency and further cements our position as the fastest growing disruptive real estate group in . cities are gr

Groundwater pumping restrictions expected to further dampen once
(Jan 2019) A new report on Kern’s agricultural real estate market . local farming will slow overall as a result of the state’s ongoing efforts to bring rampant groundwater pumping under control. The numbers ma

KB Home & Lennar to Set the 2019 Foundation for Housing
(Jan 2019) We know that housing . slow stochastic reading rose to 36.63 last week up from 31.43 on Dec.28. A year ago, the stochastic reading was 94.13 above 90.00 as an “inflating parabolic bubble”. The bubbl

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