Hurricane Michael in Florida: Homes and Businesses Destroyed, Thousands Without Power

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When Hurricane Michael made landfall as a high-end Category 4 storm on the Florida Panhandle Wednesday, buildings along the coast were smashed to pieces, storm-surge flooding lapped at the eaves of beach houses,’and an Air Force base sustained extensive damage.

From Panama City, through Mexico Beach ‘ where the storm made landfall ‘ and into Apalachicola, houses were swamped or blown apart, roofs were ripped off, boats sank, and trees toppled in the high winds.

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Businesses ready for Hurricane Michael

Starbucks closed early posting a sign on its doors that the cafe closed at 12:30 p.m. and the drive-through closed at 1 p.m. Wednesday, promising to reopen at 5:30 a.m. Thursday.

Many downtown businesses, such as Bleu Cafe, had boarded up windows for protection from the coming storm. Someone spray-painted the boards with the message: “Hurricane Evac Plan | Grab Beer | Run Like Hell.”

Many businesses were closing mid-afternoon in preparation for the storm. Others prepared to stay open.

Joe Miles and Jud Hall of Advanced Infusion Care purchased 20 generators from Powerhouse Outdoor Equipment to keep the business operating during the storm.

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As Hurricane Michael nears, Florida businesses hang tough: ‘If you can’t be there when someone needs you, then what ‘

Businesses are hanging tough as a nod to local first responders, just hours ahead of Hurricane Michael.

APALACHICOLA, Fla. ‘ Hours before Hurricane Michael is set to slam the Florida Panhandle, many people along the Gulf Coast are left scrambling to track down last-minute groceries.

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‘Shirley, do you need your milk in a bag, baby?’ asked Abbie Shiver, owner of Big Top Super Market, which sits smack on the Big Bend Scenic Byway, hugging the Gulf Coast.

A steady flow of customers poured into the store’as a misleading, brilliant sunset of pink and orange blanketed Franklin County on Tuesday.

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Michael leaves thousands of Florida, Georgia customers without power

Hurricane Michael knocked down trees and power poles as it swept through Tallahassee on Wednesday. (Via Tallahassee Police Department)

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Hurricane Michael Updates: Storm Charges North, Leaving Destruction in Florida

The storm whipsawed trees, blew away large chunks of fencing and bent stop signs almost parallel to the ground. Videos posted to social media showed a tapestry of damage near a marina in Mexico Beach: waterlogged homes, flying debris, splintered wood. But it was impossible to gauge the full extent of the carnage because the waters, already topping some buildings whose roofs just peeked through, were still rising.

‘This is the worst storm that our Florida Panhandle has seen in a century,’ Gov. Rick Scott warned.

Just about every update seemed to bring greater grimness: closed bridges, more towering waves, suspended emergency services, admonitions that the time to evacuate had passed. The hurricane center reported a 130-mile-per-hour wind gust near the evacuated Tyndall Air Force Base ‘ and said that the measuring instrument had then failed.

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