Is Your Voice Strategy Leveraging The Voice Of Your Consumer?

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Humans prefer what’s quick and easy. The principle of least effort supports this idea, postulating that people take the path of least friction to accomplish a task. The theory also suggests that users will repeatedly choose tools that make information-seeking easiest.

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Brands That Aren’t Experimenting With Voice Devices Will Miss Out on Early Adopter Benefits

If you watched the Super Bowl in 2016, you might recall the Amazon commercial depicting a party hosted by Alec Baldwin, who wowed guests by ordering a then-obscure cylinder-shaped object to help him create a festive ambiance. ‘Alexa, turn on the music,’ he commanded. With that, voice emerged as an exciting new user interface, rife with potential for brands to engage consumers.

Today, nearly three years later, Alexa is practically synonymous with voice commands, sort of how Google is synonymous with search. ‘She’ now comes in screen form (see: Amazon Echo Show) and is far from alone in the marketplace. Along with Google Home, which also comes in screen form (see: Google Hub), Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have all joined the race, rolling out smart speakers of their own. And by the end of this year, it’s estimated that 64 million U.S. households will be equipped with one of them.

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The Future of Chatbots from the Experts

As an avid futurist and marketer who has watched the web, smartphones, and social media change the scope of the internet multiple times in the last decade, I’m always excited by the next wave of marketing and technology innovation carrying the potential to change the way we use the internet as a whole.

I have remained super excited about voice search, along with voice assistants and even augmented reality.

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