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Cover Story: How community banks can survive onslaught of M&A, new technologies
on 17th of Jan 2019 But they’re doing so at a time when more of them fight for their existence due to the steady stream of mergers and acquisitions that slashed the number of local banks in South Florida. It’s a trend of

Kitov Updates Investors On NT-219 And Sends The Stock Parabolic, I Provide Reasons For Investors To Hold
on 17th of Jan 2019 (Source: Company website) Kitov Pharma is an Israel-based biopharmaceutical drug . NT-219 is a first-in-class small molecule planned to inhibit acquired resistance and reversing tumor resistance

Did the United Church of Christ Really Divest from Israel
on 17th of Jan 2019 Also in that segment, Rev. John Thomas, former UCC President and General Minister, declared, “One of the attractions of the strategy is that we’re not just a relatively small . from Israeli companie

Key 2018 Headwinds To Continue Into 2019
(months ago) In addition to the balance of power politics in the region, between Israel and Iran and Iran and Saudi Arabia . and long-term targeted funds for small businesses. There is also plenty of scope to cu

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