Search company Elastic rises 104 percent on first trading day

The performance is more dramatic than some other initial public offerings from technology companies in 2018, including DocuSign and Dropbox.

The debut rally is all the more pronounced because it comes on a down day for the broader market, particularly the tech sector. The S&P 500 tech index fell 1.7 percent on Friday. Other companies that went public this year are getting pummeled, including Eventbrite, which is down 10 percent, and DocuSign and Zscaler, which each fell more than 4 percent.

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Search company Elastic pops 90% on NYSE after raising $252M at a $2.5B market cap in its IPO

When many consumers think of search, they think of Google, but under the hood of hundreds of businesses and other organizations, there are hundreds of other kinds of challenges that require search technology. Today, one of the bigger companies providing that, Elastic, saw just how valuable that business can be, by way of a very strong debut as a public company. The company today opened up at $70, a pop of 94 percent on its initial public offering at $36 on Thursday night. Elastic — founded in the Netherlands — raised $252 million at a market capitalization of around $2.5 billion in that IPO, and trading continues to be strong.

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How To Take Your Small Business Global With E

With tariffs headlining the news daily, many business leaders are making strides to build, improve or reevaluate their global supply chains and shipping. But small businesses may not always be so well positioned to make costly changes to their business models.

Shippo, which serves 35,000 businesses, dug into our user dplaceholderata to see if our customers, small and growing e-commerce businesses, are using tech to help grow their presence abroad–and we noticed a few interesting trends.

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