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Stock Market Volatility Signals Recession? It Depends, Say Economists
(Dec 2018) The stock market blip . this correction could prove beneficial to homebuyers, spurring a slowdown in interest rate hikes. “Mortgage rates declined . amid a steep sell-off in U.S. stocks

Stock Market – What On Earth Is Going On?
(Dec 2018) In this article, I am going to discuss the current situation in the stock market . bad sell-off since it is extremely likely that the 50 DMA crosses the 200 DMA. And even though this signal

Frustrated traders say stock-market swings show ‘neither bulls nor bears’ are in charge right now
on 13th of Dec 2018 Another rally, another close well off the highs. The stock market . a more-than-300-point gain. See: ‘Sell the rally’ replaces ‘buy the dip’ as battered market enters critical week And on Monday it

Stock Market Distress Signal: How Low
(Dec 2018) Because of their appeal, investment in index funds has grown to the point where just three management . with a lot of money flowing in and out of indexes could give way to sudden and dramatic market

How Is The Stock Market Rout Treating Top Growth Stocks?
(Dec 2018) The Nasdaq plunged Friday amid surging oil prices and a weaker-than-expected jobs report before the stock market open . Triggered A Sell Signal Yeti earlier showed tremendous potential when it broke

Apple Stock Could See Some Holiday Spirit: Only Experienced Traders Should Apply
(Dec 2018) Apple Inc. (AAPL) is a leadership stock. Not just from its weighting in various market . sell signal. The oscillator is poised to cross the zero line for an outright sell signal. In this Point

Dire Indicators Signal a Stock Market Correction Is on the Way
(Dec 2018) But while I’m not ready to throw in the towel and accept that the bulls are losing steam, I do feel the easy money in the stock market has already run its course. We could see another . trading that

Latest Stock Rout Reignites Bull-Bear Debate Over Market Top
(Dec 2018) Evidence exists to support both sides, with Tuesday’s sell-off firming conviction among bears that the economy is headed for a slump that even a trade deal can’t prevent. Optimists point out . a dea

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