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Tech wreck, worker shortage could slow California economy, report says
(Dec 2018) California’s economy is likely to slow next year, along with the rest of the nation’s, in part because it’s running out of workers, economists at UCLA said in their annual forecast for the state and n

Worker shortage and trade war could help fuel a Bay Area slowdown, UCLA report says
(Dec 2018) As employers struggle to find workers . more people move to California than leave it. And while job growth is expected to slow, California will see faster gains in jobs than the country as a whole,

San Francisco’s foodie scene suffers as its workers flee high cost of living
(Dec 2018) Nor was it the sky-high commercial rents or the competition from the tech industry cafeterias . and has helped launched numerous other restaurants, said the labor shortage could be seriously limitin

With Amazon Looming, The Need For More Construction Workers Grows More Dire
(since Nov, 2018) He said he isn’t worried about the impact on the labor pool — noting the tech giant will . It’s not just a job, it could be for the rest of their lives.” An intensifying worker shortage could exacer

The Insect Apocalypse Is Here
(since Nov, 2018) How could something as fundamental as the bugs . consider the Maoxian Valley in China, where shortages of insect pollinators have led farmers to hire human workers, at a cost of up to $19 per worker

How I Bought California’s First Street-Legal GT
(since Nov, 2018) It was low, it was slow, and it hauled . legend Paul Walker. So you could say he knows a thing or two about how the government system works. Prior to being owner and operator at Top Rank Imports in

Canadian tech companies are attracting more overseas talent, but brain drain to U.S. continues
(Dec 2018) STEM careers are the fastest growing part of the labour market, and some estimates put the need for technology workers at 216,000 . lure of jobs in California’s rich tech industry, which

Asphalt Contractor’s State of the Road Building Industry for 2019
(Dec 2018) If Congress does not solve the issue of the Highway Trust Fund in the next year, this will put a damper on the market and slow down expected . construction industry. One could easily make the case t

Don’t Just Blame Trump for GM’s Layoffs—Blame GM
(since Nov, 2018) It could have publicly supported the rules it had agreed to in negotiations with the Obama administration and California, and continued on the . would lay off 15 percent of its salaried workers and

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