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The Watchdog: How these little wires revealed a Chinese electronic parts industry where returns are too difficult
(Dec 2018) I was one month short of a perfect consumer year for 2018 . A third: “I’m glad for all people that have never had an issue. But from my experience, the hassle, the wait and the money saved is not wo

The case for raising the alcohol tax
on 13th of Dec 2018 Alcohol taxes lost a lot of value due to inflation Alcohol taxes . Nancy Pelosi’s red coat is so popular that Max Mara is bringing it back “The color’s official name is ‘blood of my enemies,’” one p

In 2018, We Really Needed the Bear Necessities
(Dec 2018) It’s taken me years of experience and a small fortune of misspent gift money to finally realize . bear out of her stocking, she lost her damn mind. My niece is eight now, and the flashy

After ‘Gravity,’ Alfonso Cuarón Had His Pick of Directing Blockbusters. Instead, He Went Home to Make ‘Roma’
on 13th of Dec 2018 “There’s the girl,” Cuarón said, directing my attention . running out of money and I needed to survive.” He wrote “Gravity” with his eldest son, Jonás Cuarón, in a fit of desperation after another p

2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon: The World’s Perfect Sports Car?
(Dec 2018) It’s also surprisingly quiet — a credit to the extra-cost insulation package my . the perfect all-around car. Alas, no such luck — the as-tested sticker price on this bad boy was $127,500 including

20 Best TV Shows of 2018: ‘The Good Fight,’ ‘Atlanta,’ ‘Pose’ and More
(Dec 2018) There is so much money being spent. The episodes are so long . More, for all of its cutesy color saturation and undercurrent of politeness, it still produces a thrilling competition with enchanting

22 Movies the Critics Got Wrong in 2018 — IndieWire Critics Survey
(Dec 2018) David Lowery made “A Ghost Story” for $100,000 and it 1) takes place in the country 2) addresses cosmic themes 3) is perfect. Going off of the current 95% Rotten Tomatoes percentage from the film fest

Out of $85 Billion in VC Funding Last Year, Only 2.2 Percent…
(Dec 2018) Image credit . color — and give them a chance,” Oberti Noguera said. “Another way to make venture capital more inclusive is by also making limited partners more diverse.” (“limited partners” being

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