‘The Deuce’ Season 2, Episode 6: Dirty Money

This week’s episode, titled ‘We’re All Beasts,’ does him the courtesy of pushing many of the people around him to compromise, even Abby and Dorothy, the same women who were tsk-tsk-ing him in the wake of the parlor fire. If they want to help sex workers get medical treatment or stay out of jail or leave the streets entirely, then they, too, will have to make some agonizing choices, tainted by dirty money. What a David Simon production does so well, from ‘The Wire’ onward, is to show all these dominoes knocking into each other. That’s the point of his intricately connected universes: not simply to reveal character or dramatic arcs or a particular milieu, but to note how the influence of the powerful trickles down to the most vulnerable, forcing poor or often tragic outcomes.

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The Deuce Season 2 Episode 6 Review: We’re All Beasts

The Deuce’has a way of making idealists look like fools. Vincent thought he could take the mob’s money and still be a good guy, yet here he is tearfully confessing the details of his mob arrangement to Abby and all but begging her to take the money from the parlors for her community efforts.’

I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop for Candy ever since she first told Harvey she wanted to make a’Little Red Riding Hood’movie. I though that other shoe dropped when a lecherous studio executive requested a blowjob in return for funding. Still, Candy powered through. I thought the other shoe would drop early this week when the star of her movie, Lance Minx, has a meltdown with the working conditions of Candy’s guerrilla style shoot on the streets of the Deuce and quits.

Foam, Party of One

After Ross politely convinces Drunk Steve to relinquish the Jet Ski, he puts on a robe and wanders the boat in search of eggs Benedict. He waddles into the kitchen to ask Kate and Adrian what’s taking so long. Well, Adrian is busy cracking raw eggs into little egg bags and delicately tucking them into a pot of hot water, and besides, hollandaise sauce won’t turn into perfect little smears on long rectangular plates all by itself.

After the guests endure eating lunch on the boat, it’s time for Lee to put on his long-sleeved top with a tuxedo printed on it and join the guests for dinner. Caroline tells Adrian his plates are beautiful, and he asks her if she wants to get in his pants. Because this is Below Deck, of course not ‘ she wants to get in Chandler’s pants because no misogynist on this show is complete without a love interest or two.

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Bob Costas is still telling the audience what it needs to hear

Bob Costas, trending done at NBC, called MLB Network’s Thursday night NLDS Game 1 of Braves-Dodgers, and soon reminded us that he remains what he always was: someone with too much regard for baseball to lie for it.

Early in the MLBN telecast, Costas said that though it’s still early in L.A., this playoff game is well attended but well short of a sellout.

That brought to mind the NBC Sports days when imperious, ‘plausibly live’ Dick Ebersol ruled the kingdom, back when deceiving viewers ‘ suckers ‘ was a top priority. NBC promos would lie about World Series starting times by 30-45 minutes.

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