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Metro’s Most Wanted: Bold thieves breaking into cars and stealing credit cards
on 13th of Dec 2018 But police warn you’re just tempting fate. Thieves were recently caught on camera using stolen credits cards just hours after taking them from cars in Maryland Heights. According to Detective

Police are using fake Amazon boxes with GPS to catch thieves
(Dec 2018) ‘Tis the season for tons of Amazon packages arriving at your doorstep, but nothing puts a damper on the holidays like having one stolen. Police in Jersey City have been setting up fake Amazon boxes on

St. Paul police are using GPS decoy packages to track porch thieves
(Dec 2018) The large cardboard box was dressed up like a regular delivery from Amazon, complete with official blue holiday tape and a sticker on the side noting that the contents included a lithium battery commo

Jersey City takes cue from Albuquerque; uses bait packages to catch thieves
on 13th of Dec 2018 JERSEY CITY, N.J. (KRQE) – A pilot program used by Albuquerque Police is expanding to other cities. Police in Jersey City say they too, are using bait packages to help stop porch pirates. Earlier this

Cops are using Amazon boxes with tracking devices to catch package thieves
(Dec 2018) In context: ’Tis the season to be jolly — unless someone stole your Christmas presents right off your front stoop shortly after they were delivered. Package theft is a growing problem, and it is parti

Police are using fake Amazon packages to catch porch pirates
(Dec 2018) Using a GPS locator in the box . said it would sent out bait packages to different locations at different times of day to try to catch thieves, ABC10 reported. Exact figures on porch thefts are hard

Elk Grove police are fighting porch thieves with bait packages
(Dec 2018) “A word of advice for package thieves . . think twice before grabbing a package from . residents are advised by police to use tracking numbers, request signature confirmation, get packages delivered

Copper thieves rescued after 5 days in West Virginia coal mine
on 13th of Dec 2018 The other three were still alive, he reported, and had enough snacks and water to survive for a few days. Using a map, he showed rescuers where to find them. All night long, two four-man teams plumbed

How Police Use Fake Amazon Boxes and GPS to Catch Thieves
(Dec 2018) Police in New Jersey are turning to tech and trickery to catch Amazon box thieves, according to a new report. Armed with fake Amazon boxes, doorbell cameras, and GPS for tracking, the Jersey City

Police are using fake Amazon boxes to catch package thieves
(Dec 2018) It sucks to have your packages stolen from outside of your home. The problem is so bad that these thieves have a name: Porch Pirates. Well, police in Jersey City are using a new method to try and catc

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