Top NFL football knockout and survivor pool picks for Week 8

Tierney excels both against the spread and straight up. The past two seasons, he has hit on nearly 65 percent of his straight-up NFL office pool picks (330-180-2), beating the vast majority of experts on’

Last week, Tierney went with the Falcons, who hung on for a three-point win over the Giants on “Monday Night Football.” He picked field-goal winners the two weeks before that: the Packers (33-30 over the 49ers) and Panthers (edging the Giants 33-31). The previous week, he picked a pair of teams — both winners.’

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Week 4 NFL Survivor Pool picks, advice, strategy

The experts at TeamRankings are back to break down’Week 4’s five most popular survivor picks: Chargers, Packers, Jaguars, Patriots, and Rams. We’ll also look back at the impact of last week’s absolutely crushing results on NFL survivor pools (Lookin’ at you, Vikings).

Although the Chargers are the most favored team in Week 4 (as of Wednesday afternoon), that doesn’t mean they’re’your best option. When you sit down to make your survivor pick in any given week, you need to consider two other critical strategy factors: Pick popularity and a team’s future value. Check out our article’on winning survivor pool strategy‘for more explanation.

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Week 8 Survivor Pool Picks from Captain and the Big Man

I will start with the only hesitation some players might have with this game. No, its not the injury concern with Gronk. Its not the injury concern with Michel (although I firmly believe that a commitment to, and the success of, the run game is what has fueled this four-game win streak).

It is this bizarre twilight zone scheduling that has the Pats playing only two home games over the course of 69 days. That’s right, until December 22 the New England Patriots will play only two home games, the rest will be on the road. And, the two home games are Green Bay and Minnesota. That schedule is insane. You would have to assume that during this strange road trip, they will drop one or two games in weird spots. That might scare off a player, thinking that the Bills at home might be a game to stay away from. Add to the mix that they might be looking ahead to Green Bay next week, and some players just turn the page. I say no. The reverse. This is the start of that silly schedule run, and they will be looking to crush the Bills and not let up, because they know this tough road schedule means they have to start strong here in Buffalo. I might be worried about them getting sleepy at some point during this schedule nightmare; maybe at Miami, or the Steelers, or the Jets, but on MNF this week they are showing up ready to take care of business.

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