UK Market Could Be On Verge Of A Crash

I’ve been writing bearish notes on the U.K. market for some time and now it is definitely in a correction.

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A key thing to remember about this fall is it is not about Brexit. It is about a stock market correction in Europe and the U.S., more exactly a correction or U.S. crash. FTSE falls are just spill over from the U.S. fall.

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I have not sold, though I feel a little sad about that as I would be feeling smug if I had bailed out a few days ago when I felt a strong urge to do so.

This is what I am thinking: I believe there is support for the markets from central banks that, while they are tightening, do not want a crash to derail their plans.

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This may worth something:

Where Is the Stock Market Heading After Wednesday’s Crash? 5 Experts Weigh In

The U.S. stock market saw the biggest tumble since 2011 on Wednesday after a sweeping tech stock sell-off sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average’and’S&P 500 to tank more than three percent and the Nasdaq to fall four percent.

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Is this just a’temporary correction? Or is it the end of the bull market? There are many factors at play’the historically long growth of tech stocks; the Fed’s recent interest hike; and the escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and the rest of the world.

The UK invited a robot to ‘give evidence’ in Parliament for attention

The UK Parliament caused a bit of a stir this week with the news that it would play host to its first non-human witness. A press release from one of Parliament’s select committees (groups of MPs who investigate an issue and report back to their peers) said it had invited Pepper the robot to ‘answer questions’ on the impact of AI on the labor market.

‘Pepper is part of an international research project developing the world’s first culturally aware robots aimed at assisting with care for older people,’ said the release from the Education Committee. ‘The Committee will hear about her work [and] what role increased automation and robotics might play in the workplace and classroom of the future.’

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The Success Of Dave And Fredo’s ‘Funky Friday’ Signals A New Dawn For British Rap

This week, British rappers Dave and Fredo are on the verge of ushering in a new dawn for rap music in the UK’with’their collab single, “Funky Friday”,’set to land high on the charts.

Riding a tidal wave of streams, at present (according to midweek returns) it appears they’re now vying for the top spot of this week’s official singles chart, attempting to dethrone mainstays Sam Smith and Calvin Harris. As noted upon release last Friday’similar to Dave’s’AJ Tracey-featuring number'”Thiago Silva“‘the lack of chorus and structure on “Funky Friday” (co-producer, 169, says’a hook was created out of Dave’s verse intro) suggests this one to be a warm-up for more structured offerings to follow. In a matter of days, that the suggestion is obsolete in less than a week’highlights the impact and changes undergoing our previously held ideas about the campaigns and impact of rap music.

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Aberdeen property market ‘set for oil industry jobs boom’

The firm believes a skills shortage in the industry means a new influx of workers is in the pipeline.

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Aberdein Considine drew parallels with the downturn in 1985, when local property prices fell to ‘38,000 by 1987.

A resulting labour shortage in the supply chain in the decade which followed helped push property prices to almost ‘75,000 by 1997.

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Robert Fraser, senior property partner at Aberdein Considine, said he believed the current market was the best buyers had experienced in 20 years – with a two-bedroom flat available for the same price as a one-bedroom in 2014.

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