What Democratic Control of the House Could Mean for Your Wallet

House Democrats are in a position to block Republicans from extending the temporary tax cuts and provisions enacted last year, and from giving further breaks to businesses. President Trump even talked at his Wednesday news conference about working with Democrats to raise business taxes to pay for a middle-class tax cut.

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The momentum on health care has shifted toward shoring up and improving the Affordable Care Act and reining in prescription drug costs, an issue that has caught Mr. Trump’s attention as well. Republican efforts to shrink spending on what are known as entitlement programs ‘ Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid ‘ will also be shunted aside with Democrats pushing to patch up the safety net.

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Trump’s fate in 2020 depends on the economy

The dog that didn’t bark in the midterm elections was the U.S. economy. Normally, it’s the top issue voters worry about. But not this year.

If that’s also the case in 2020, President Trump’s reelection odds ought to be pretty good. Trump’s Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives on Nov. 6, but they lost fewer seats than normally happens for a president whose approval rating is below 50%, as Trump’s is. And they appear to have gained 4 seats in the Senate, when the normal midterm outcome is a net loss for the president’s party. Despite losing the House, Trump and the Republican Party outperformed this year.

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Midterm election results: Economy to DIP before Trump’s 2020 presidency race – shock claim

The economy will ‘almost certainly’ turn downwards in two years time, ahead of Trump’s 2020 presidential race.

Ian Brewer told Bloomberg Politics: ‘When the economy turns downward, as it almost certainly will when we’re heading towards the 2020 race, you have to ask yourself what is that campaign cycle going to be like.

‘It’s clearly going to be much more challenging domestically for the US than what we just experienced.’

Speaking on the economy in two years time, the Founder and President of Eurasia Group added: ‘We will be more divided than we are right now.

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What do midterms mean for ‘ climate change, the economy and other issues?

Devin Nunes, the committee’s outgoing Republican chairman and a Trump ally, obstructed efforts by Democrats to investigate possible collusion with Russia by Trump’s campaign team, and closed the investigation with leads left unexplored.

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Now that Democrats have the House, President Trump’s dream of a ‘big, beautiful wall’ will be all the more elusive.

By 8 December, Congress must reach a deal on Department of Homeland Security funding, including the wall ‘ a narrow window for Republicans to secure significant wall funding before Democrats take control of the House in January.

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Trump facing unfriendly Democratic House and specter of investigations

‘I want to look at all the things the president has done that go against the mandates of our Founding Fathers in the Constitution,’ said Rep. Elijah Cummings, the Maryland Democrat who is poised to take control of the powerful House Oversight Committee. ‘We need accountability, transparency, integrity, and honesty from this Administration.’

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Cummings’ committee has already compiled a list of 64 subpoenas and inquiries looking into concerns they had with Trump administration activities but were denied by the committee’s Republican leadership. The Democrats said they intend to revisit the requests.

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