Will a Democratic House undermine the economy? Here are four takeaways.

Health care:’Exit polls showed that voters’ top concern is rising health care costs. That will embolden the Democrats to push back on the cuts the president has made. Liberals may join Trump in attempting to lower drug prices.’Obamacare’may live but don’t expect to see’Medicare for All’any time soon. GDP growth: It’s often said that bond investors are more attuned than anyone to where the economy is headed. And government bond prices inched up and yields dipped a bit overnight in the expectation that Trump and the GOP will not be as free to pursue growth at all costs (i.e., they think deficits and interests rate will stop climbing so fast). Indeed, a tap on the fiscal brakes may’take a little pressure off the Federal Reserve to jack up interest rates quickly. Stocks also rose, but that might be short-lived as the reality of potentially slower growth sinks in.

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The Daily 202: 10 midterm takeaways

Analysis Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data, as well as anticipating how events might unfold based on past events

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THE BIG IDEA:’The 2018 midterm elections were a referendum on Donald Trump. Two-thirds of voters said the president was a factor in how they voted, according to network exit polls. That allowed Democrats to win control of the House, and Republicans to expand their majority in the Senate. Here are 10 takeaways from the results:

POLITICO Playbook: The House Democratic staffers you need to know

MOST REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS we talk to think the House will flip. There is very, very little hedging among GOP insiders on this topic these days. So, with that in mind ‘

‘ We bring you THE PLAYBOOK DEMOCRATIC HOUSE STAFFER CHEAT SHEET. Here are the 13 STAFFERS you need to know (compiled by POLITICO Capitol Hill bureau chief JOHN BRESNAHAN, ANNA and JAKE):

— STENY HOYER: ALEXIS COVEY BRANDT, chief of staff, and BRIAN ROMICK, deputy chief of staff. These are Hoyer’s top two staffers, and they are intensely loyal to the Maryland Democrat. They help orchestrate Hoyer’s caucus-wide operation.

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Election Day 2018: Democrats will win enough seats to gain control of the House, ABC News projects

What’s at stake in the midterms? Both sides warn the future of our democracy is at risk

On the eve of the midterm elections, both sides in a divided and inflamed nation see the stakes as fundamental: the future of our democracy.

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Democrats have midterms momentum, but remember 2016 and don’t get comfortable, says columnist Paul Brandus. USA TODAY

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Democrats warn that the midterm elections Tuesday will undermine the future of America’s democracy unless President Donald Trump’s authoritarian instincts are curtailed. Republicans argue that the nation’s sovereignty is at risk if Democrats prevail.

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