Would The Money From Initiated Measure 25 Go To Technical Schools?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – In just a few weeks South Dakota voters will decide whether to increase tobacco taxes to raise money for technical schools.’

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Dick Muth of Muth Electric says struggling to find enough workers is his industry’s biggest obstacle. That’s why he’s pushing for more funding for technical schools.

“We have turned down lots of jobs that we could have done if we had the trained workforce,” Muth said.

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“Nothing in IM-25 prevents the new tax money from being diverted to the general fund, like we’ve seen over and over. Remember video lottery?,” the ad says.

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Still angry over IM22? You have recourse: Your Letters to the Editor for October 7

In a startling rejection of the people’s will, South Dakota’s legislators and governor in 2017 overturned the anti-corruption measure that voters in 2016 had initiated and approved. Not content with straightforward repeal, our elected officials attached ‘a state of emergency’ declaration that blocked any citizen referendum to restore the original measure.

In response to public outrage, legislative leaders promised to create ‘better’ legislation. In actuality, they enacted markedly weaker limits on lobbying access and campaign finance, replaced the measure’s independent ethics commission with a board crafted by legislators, and then ‘ read carefully – excluded themselves from that board’s oversight!’

Mike Pence’s Tough Talk on China: The Trump Administration’s ‘Evil Empire’ Moment?

In a speech that could mark an “evil empire” moment akin to when President Reagan called out the Soviet Union, Vice President Mike Pence did not pull his punches in a speech today at the Hudson Institute.

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While I certainly welcome the intense focus on the China challenge’and agree with the Trump Administration approach’it will come at a cost. That means the end of the North Korea maximum-pressure campaign, as I explained recently as part of a panel discussion in Seoul several weeks back (go to 35:40).’

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State takes over school meals project from global agency

The programme which was being run by WFP has been reaching 1.6 million pupils in arid and semi-arid counties.

Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang has said the ministry will ensure prudent spending of Sh2.4 billion allocated to school feeding programme after it took over from the World Food Programme (WFP).

The government started the process of taking over the feeding programme from WFP in 2009, when it initiated the national home grown school feeding programme, to provide a meal to learners hence stimulating local agricultural production through purchase of food from smallholder farmers and local food suppliers.’

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