Beauty warning: ‘I nearly lost my nose after botched fillers’

It’s a shocking reminder to anyone considering non-surgical cosmetic treatments. When Leah Morton was injected with a beauty filler, she almost lost her nose after a blood vessel became blocked and turned the tip black.

We’re joined by Leah to explain what happened, and as a new documentary airs tonight on the dangers of these beauty procedures, Dr Vincent Wong has an important warning.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Woman almost loses nose to flesh-eating bug after ‘botched’ fillers

Leah Morton, from Liverpool, was told by medics that she was most likely going to lose the tip of her nose and the top of her lip after she developed necrosis ‘ a flesh eating bug.

The 26-year-old’s says her nose turned white and ice-cold as the flesh started to die and rot away.

Leah went to A&E a few days after the procedure on 29th April, and she was prescribed hyperbaric oxygen therapy to save as much of her nose as much as possible.

Leah says that having this special treatment every day for the past 30 days has saved the shape of her nose and her lips, however, the colour in her skin has not yet come back and her face is permanently scarred.

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Woman plagued by ‘nightmares’ after her nose ‘rotted’ from fillers

She claims she narrowly avoided losing her nose and lips after contracting an illness which caused her flesh to ‘rot’ after undergoing the filler treatment.

Leah said she realised something was wrong almost immediately, adding: ‘So as soon as I went home the skin started to go white on the tip of my nose but it wasn’t until I went to sleep that night I put my head down and I felt so much pressure on my face.

‘I was having nightmares all night that my nose was falling off and it was a warning sign to say something was wrong.’

Leah said: ‘I wasn’t told of any warnings or dangers. I wasn’t aware of any risks and complications.

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Woman, 26, claims she almost lost her nose and lip due to botched filler

Time was crucial in saving Leah’s nose and after going to A&E a few days after the procedure on April 29, Leah was eventually prescribed hyperbaric oxygen therapy to save as much of her nose as possible.

Horrified Leah Morton, 26, from Liverpool, claims she almost lost her nose and lip and has been left permanently scarred due to botched filler (pictured before)

She has decided not to name the individual or clinic who injected the filler. Leah said she is speaking out about her experience because she wants to warn others about the dangers.

‘So on April 29th, I went to the salon to have the procedure done. I wasn’t told of any risks or repercussions, it was just injected straight into my nose.

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Woman left with rotting nose after botched surgery urges others to be careful

She said she researched MCR Asthetics, based in Manchester after first discovering them on social media.

With hundreds of thousands of followers, and boasts of celebrity clients, Saba said she thought it looked safe, reliable and professional.

She said: “Online they had a massive Instagram following and celebrity clients, so I thought it was a reasonable place to go and they knew what they were doing.

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And since visiting a doctor she was told the dermal filler had left her with a vascular occlusion that started to eat away at her skin.

Saba said: “My nose was all swollen and bruised and the person who administered the filling said it was fine, she said that can happen and you can bruise.

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