Coronation Street David Platt Shona. As the week kicks off, Johnny is gutted to discover that his ex Jenny has moved on with newcomer

[ Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt horrified as wife Shona dives into the collapsing sinkhole ]
DAVID Platt is horrified as the sinkhole in his garden rips open during a storm next week ‘ and Shona dives into it.

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As the week kicks off, Johnny is gutted to discover that his ex Jenny has moved on with newcomer Leo.’

* * *

Shona watches in horror as Jenny is swallowed up by the ground as she wanders the streets searching for Johnny.

Ignoring Shona’s words of warning, Johnny edges himself into the sinkhole, determined to rescue Jenny.

Johnny battles his way through the water to Jenny as the water rises, assuring her that someone will come to rescue them.’

* * *

David is horrified when Shona takes matters into her own hands a grabs a rope, which she then uses to disappear down the manhole in search of Johnny and Jenny.’

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Coronation Street spoilers: Craig shooting horror, Geoff revenge plot and brutal exit

To top things off, Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) gets her heart broken by the handsome Arthur Edwin (Paul Mackriell Copley), only to make a shocking discovery.

Organising a poker night, Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) asks Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) to be his hostess, letting her know he is entertaining a hoard of investors.

* * *

Meanwhile, Scott puts his plan in action, telling Johnny he will be using a gun to steal money from Ray and his cronies.

* * *

Ruthless as ever, Scott knocks him unconscious and breaks his phone, before heading to the bistro for the hold-up.

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Coronation Street spoilers for 2019: What happens next year?

The new year will see Weatherfield rocked to its core as the Underworld knicker factory is torn down by a new baddie

Coronation Street fans need to strap themselves in for some serious drama on the cobbles in the new year – with catastrophe set to strike at the Underworld knicker factory.

The factory collapse will initially look like an accident – but Weatherfield residents will soon realise the tragedy is actually the deliberate work of one twisted individual.

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