Coronation Street Sean Tully Ray. Speaking to and other press about what’s to come for Sean, executive producer Iain

[ Coronation Street spoilers: Sean Tully to become Ray’s new ‘accomplice’ in harrowing twist ]
CORONATION STREET favourite Sean Tully could be set to become Ray Crosby’s new accomplice in his plans to destroy Weatherfield as the Rovers Return barman is going to venture down a dark path.

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Speaking to and other press about what’s to come for Sean, executive producer Iain MacLeod teased a huge change to his charismatic character.

The soap boss said: ‘[There is going to be] good and bad, I suppose in terms of the angel and the devil on his shoulder.

‘I think on the good side, we’re going to get to see a gay single dad raising his son which I feel is something I’ve not seen in a soap before – I could be mistaken.

‘It feels like novel territory for us and for him. I just think the chemistry between him and Dylan is really touching.

‘We’ve seen them together recently, I think they are just really poignant and moving and I totally buy their relationship, which is going to make what we’re doing actually really exciting,’ he added, before discussing the darker side of the father-of-one which will emerge.

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