Coronation Street spoilers: Will Ryan Connor take drastic action after Gary targets Alya?

Coronation Street resident Gary Windass (played by Mikey North) is slowly getting himself a reputation of someone not to be messed with.

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In recent scenes, viewers tuned in to see Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) take out a loan with the new loanshark, but he quickly paid the price when he was unable to meet the rocketing interest rates and as a consequence was left bloodied and beaten.’

During an interview with the actor who plays Ryan, his future storyline was revealed and it seems there are still some turbulent times ahead for the barman.’

‘I like to think they’ll find a middle-ground, but their relationship is so violate anything could happen.’

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When asked whether or not the money situation would resolve itself after Ryan stringing Gary along for far too long, Ryan explained how the two men were in an ‘even balance’.’

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Coronation Street’s Ryan Prescott on playing Weatherfield’s least-sharpest character

On the list of things you really do not want to do, messing with Gary Windass (Mickey North) from Coronation Street is right up there with swimming with ravenous piranhas.

Connor has been idiotic enough to steal money from Windass, his decidedly nasty ‘ indeed, homicidal ‘ colleague at the furniture shop. To make matters worse, Connor’is so stupid, he thinks he can get away with illicitly taking Windass”cash.

Prescott, who has played Connor’since last year, explains why his character is foolish enough to believe that his crime will go undetected. “I think it’s a mixture of naivety and also Ryan being oblivious to anything other than himself.’

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