Coronation Street Leanne. ITV have unveiled a brand new teaser trailer giving Coronation Street fans a glimpse of what’s to

[ Coronation Street unveils chilling trailer as Leanne comes face-to ]
Revenge, love and heartbreak are centre stage amid the chaos and destruction, which will see at least one person meet their maker on Coronation Street next week ‘

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ITV have unveiled a brand new teaser trailer giving Coronation Street fans a glimpse of what’s to come on the soap next week.

At one point, drug lord Harvey Gaskill (Will Mellor) is seen emerging from the side of an overturned prison van in the pouring rain whilst Corey Brent dons a wolf mask as he torments a traumatised Nina Lucas.

As the tension builds, the trailers shows Abi confronting Corey in the spooky house of horrors before the pair are shown trapped down a drain shaft, whilst an anxious Roy Cropper watches from above and begs Abi to “put the gun down”.

With the storm intensifying, viewers witness the ground open up beneath Jenny Connor and ends with a terrified Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) coming face-to-face with evil Harvey.

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Coronation Street spoilers: Eva Price ‘returns’ after heartbreaking news about Leanne

Eva endured a lot during her time on Coronation Street; from finding out she had a sister in Leanne, to her notorious relationships with Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward).

In 2017 as payback for Aidan’s affair with Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon), Eva faked a pregnancy and conspired with Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) to have the factory stripped bare, causing her boyfriend to lose everything.’

Eva eventually forgave Adam in time for their wedding but did not forget what he did – however Adrian did not reciprocate and they split up.’

She then found out she was pregnant – for real this time, and gave birth to Susie nine months later.’

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Coronation Street actor Chris Gascoyne’s wife joins soap amid tragic Oliver storyline

It isn’t the first time Caroline has appeared in the programme, as she was Hope Stape’s doctor some time ago.

Now, Caroline, who married Chris in 2002 and shares two children with him, will be returning to the cobbles again.

The actress is believed to be spending scenes with Peter’s ex Leanne Battersby, played by Jane Danson, who is currently part of a heartbreaking storyline surrounding her son Oliver’s health condition.

Coronation Street’s emotional scenes centre around young Oliver and his mitochondrial disease which is a genetic condition which is present from birth.

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Kaley Cuoco fans rejoice as The Flight Attendant drops premiere a week early ‘ but there’s a catch…

CHRISTMAS has come early for Kaley Cuoco fans as her highly anticipated series The Flight Attendant premieres a week early.

The Big Bang Theory star’s first major standalone project was supposed to drop next week (November 26) on HBO Max.

But the streaming giant is keen to get lots of eyes on it as one of its flagship titles, so it premiered the series early and for free.

* * *

Other creative ways HBO has come up with to push the series including airing it over Thanksgiving weekend via more traditional methods.

* * *

He is a passenger on a plane she is working on and the pair enjoy a sexy romp on the plane before continuing their affair on the ground.

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