Coronation Street Carla Connor Lucas. But will he split Carla and Peter?

[ Coronation Street’s Carla Connor makes a surprising discovery over her old flame Lucas ]
Coronation Street spoilers follow. Coronation Street is set to air worrying scenes for Carla Connor when she makes a shocking discovery about her former lover, Lucas Kempton.

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Coronation Street newbie Glen Wallace on whether Lucas plans to split up Carla Connor and Peter Barlow

Glen Wallace joined the cast of the ITV soap on Friday night as Lucas – a former flame from Carla’s past. But will he split Carla and Peter?

* * *

The businessman arrived on the cobbles and headed straight to the Underworld factory for a meeting, only to discover former flame Carla Connor.

“There’s an established relationship between Lucas and Carla,” Glen said as he explained Lucas’ back story in a recent Corrie media event.

“They have met before, I think around the time she married Nick [Tilsley], and she disappeared off to Devon.

“Lucas is a businessman and we met in Devon on a night out and I think Lucas would probably look upon it as twin flames – a soulmate. Someone who he’s had an instant connection with.”

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Corrie spoilers: Disgusted Peter loses it as he catches Carla with old flame Lucas

Coronation Street’s Peter Barlow is left disgusted when he overhears a conversation between Carla Connor and her old flame Lucas – can he and Carla work things out?

With Carla and Peter’s rocky relationship already at breaking point due to his alcoholism, could this be the final straw?

Sarah Platt is pleased when Lucas calls at Underworld to do business, but Carla masks her discomfort after rejecting his offer of a weekend away.

Peter is not happy when Carla says she has to go to Harrogate to meet someone from Lucas’ firm, but when Lucas returns to the factory, he insists his intentions are honourable.

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Who is Lucas in Coronation Street and who plays him?

Carla Connor (Alison King) receives a blast from the past in Coronation Street tonight (January 29), as she comes face-to-face with former flame Lucas (Glen Wallace).

In tonight’s episode, Carla’s attention is on work, and she’s left in shock as old flame Lucas arrives at the factory ‘ but just who is he?

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Coronation Street spoilers: Sarah Platt framed for Adam’s attack as Daniel uncovers clue

Sarah told Daniel to stop questioning her about Adam’s attack as she believes it was Gary (Mikey North) who ambushed her husband.

She claimed she was heading to the Underworld factory when she spotted Gary on his way to confront Adam.

Daniel didn’t seem convinced as he questioned why Sarah had kept her whereabouts a secret after she initially said she was at home all night.

* * *

When cleaning the Rovers, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) found Adam’s phone tucked down the side of one of the booths.

She handed it over to Daniel noting it must have fallen out of his pocket when he confronted Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).

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