Coronation Street Jade Fiz Tyrone. As a result, Fiz decides to take Ruby herself.

[ Coronation Street’s Jade concocts new sinister plan after ‘stalking’ Fiz and Tyrone’s kids ]
Jade Rowan looks set to concoct a new sinister plan next week after Fiz Brown and Tyrone Dobbs incur her wrath on Coronation Street. Are their children in danger?

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Jade Rowan continues to cause a rift between Hope and her family next week on Coronation Street – and is left infuriated by Fiz and Tyrone’s reaction

At the beginning of the week, Fiz admits to Evelyn that Jade, played by Lottie Henshall, has told her that she wants to take Hope to the craft community centre but doesn’t care about taking Ruby too. As a result, Fiz decides to take Ruby herself.

Later that day, they all meet up at the craft work shop with Tyrone. However Fiz is deeply hurt when Hope makes it clear that she prefers Jade to her own mum.

Fiz confesses to Tyrone that she is done with Jade playing up on being the fun sister while she is considered the nagging mum.

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Brian Dowling admits turning down Dancing with the Stars every year after missing out on hosting gig

However, four years on, he said it was his desire to move home from LA to raise a family in Ireland that has spurred him on to give the show a whirl this year.

He said: ‘They ask me every year and this year they asked me and I said ‘no’ and then I had done Ireland’s Fittest Family with Mairead [Ronan] and she was like, ‘Oh my God you have to do the show’. I said, ‘Well actually I’ve just turned it down’.

‘So I said it to Arthur [his husband]. When I lost my mum turning 40, I said I would come out more of my comfort zone.

Explaining why he held out until season four to make his debut, the Kildare man said he had originally hoped to be fronting the show.

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