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[ Donna Air, 40, speaks out on coronavirus diagnosis as actress tests positive for COVID-19 ]
Donna Air, 40, speaks out on coronavirus diagnosis as actress tests positive for COVID-19‘ .

Donna Air, 40, revealed she has been self-isolating after she developed “mild flu-like symptoms” 18 days ago. The former actress confirmed that she has been tested for coronavirus.

She confirmed the news of her diagnosis today, insisting she is aware “what a privilege it is to be able to access tests privately” while many frontline NHS workers are still unable.

Donna shared a selfie on Instagram as she told fans about her health battle and revealed her GP has said it is now safe for her to spend time with her loved ones again.

She wrote: “Hi Guys. I hope everyone is managing to stay strong and in relatively good spirits during the lockdown.

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Donna Air confirms she has tested positive for COVID-19 after developing ‘mild flu

The actress, 40, announced her diagnosis on her Instagram page on Tuesday afternoon and explained she is donating to the NHS because she is ‘aware what a privilege it is to be able access tests privately’ in the current climate.

The Split star told her followers her GP has confirmed it is safe for her to see her daughter Freya, 16, and said her loved ones are ‘not displaying any signs of the virus’.

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‘I just wanted to let you know developed mild flu like symptoms and started self isolating 18 days ago, I took a test for some clarity & the results tested positive for Covid19.’

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The Split star Donna Air tests positive for coronavirus and gives fans tips on how to boost immune system

The 40 year old announced her diagnosis in a social media post alongside an image of herself smiling.

Actress Donna ‘ who recently starred in BBC drama series The Split ‘ took to Instagram to share the post with her 96,700 followers.

The former Dancing On Ice contestant, who previously dated Kate Middleton’s brother James, wrote alongside the gorgeous image: “Hi Guys. I hope everyone is managing to stay strong and in relatively good spirits during the lockdown.

“I will continue to follow government guidelines & in the meantime I am sending masses of love to you all especially those on the front line.

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Russian jeweller tries to tap zeitgeist with coronavirus

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A small Russian jewellery company specialising in science and medicine-themed ornaments has launched a coronavirus-shaped pendant, a move that has drawn accusations of insensitivity by some.

When the first microscopic images of the coronavirus emerged a few months ago, Dr. Vorobev, a jewellery firm based in Kostroma, a city around 300 kilometres (186 miles) northeast of Moscow, thought the intricately-shaped virus could become a good addition to its collection.

Sold online for around $20, its sterling silver coronavirus pendants reproduce the shape of the virus – a circular shell topped with club-shaped spikes – that causes an acute respiratory illness known as COVID-19.

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Actress Olga Kurylenko Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Ukrainian-born actress and model Olga Kurylenko revealed on Instagram Sunday that she has tested positive for coronavirus.

“Locked up at home after having tested positive for Coronavirus,” she wrote for her 567,000 followers, posting a photo showing a view through a window of her home.

She added: “I’ve actually been ill for almost a week now. Fever and fatigue are my main symptoms. Take care of yourself and do take this seriously!”

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She recently wrapped production on The Bay Of Silence, a thriller from Paula van der Oest co-starring Claes Bang (The Square) and Brian Cox (Succession).’

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