EastEnders’ Bradley Branning star Charlie Clements reveals he has been working as a chef

Taking to Instagram last month, Charlie, 33, best known for playing Bradley Branning on the BBC soap, also revealed that he has started rehearsals for The Mousetrap play in London’s West End.

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EastEnders star’Charlie Clements has revealed that he has been working as a chef during lockdown‘after taking a brief break from acting.’

Posting a picture of his final day at work, the actor penned: ‘Last day as a chef today!! On to rehearsals next week… #actorslife #actor #acting #work #theatre.’

Charlie looked’worlds away from’his past baby-faced character Bradley Branning in the snap as he sported a beard and longer locks while wearing his chef’s uniform.’

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In case you are keeping track:

EastEnders’ Bradley Branning star Charlie Clements reveals he has been working as a chef

The actor’s followers and former EastEnders co-stars were quick to congratulate the actor on his new play as they praised his impressive culinary skills.

Charlie’s former on-screen dad,’Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning, put a fist arm and sun emoji, to which the actor replied: ‘Thanks for your help with the decision!!’

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Way back when:’Taking to Instagram last week, Charlie, 33, best known for playing Bradley Branning on the BBC soap, also shared that he has started rehearsals for the iconic The Mousetrap play in London’s West End (pictured on the soap in 2006)’

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Soap stars who quit then came running back fastest – heartbreak, bankruptcy and no jobs

Over the years many soap stars have left for ‘exciting new opportunities’ but returned shortly afterwards for a variety of reasons – with Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles the latest to make a quick comeback

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While some big names such as Bill Roache and Adam Woodyatt become stalwarts of their shows, others use it as a stepping stone for greater success.

We often see the announcement being made that an actor is leaving a soap for “exciting new opportunities” or to “have more diverse roles”.

But sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side and they come running back to soap land within a few years.

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Whatever happened to ex-EastEnders Bradley Branning actor Charlie Clements?

The soap star’s iconic exit was played out on February 19, 2010 when the show marked its 25th anniversary with a live episode.

Bradley and wife Stacey Branning were planning to flee the country, but had been spotted trying to escape.

The then Queen Vic landlord Archie was at the centre of this particular storyline because he had raped Stacey, and she had subsequently found out she was pregnant.

* * *

Before he made his mark on the BBC soap, Charlie is understood to have been working in Waitrose in Bromley.

* * *

His four year career at Eastenders was commended by the awards he won, starting off with the Best Newcomer at the British Soap Awards.

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What the actor who played EastEnders sweetheart Bradley Branning looks like now

The eldest son of Max Branning endured a very dramatic exit which formed part of the soap’s 25th anniversary special with an iconic live episode.

As Bradley scaled the building of The Queen Vic trying to escape the police, he shouts to Stacey Slater to run, before losing his balance and falling to the ground in full view of other horrified residents.

So more than a decade on since leaving EastEnders, what has actor Charlie Clements who played Bradley Branning been up to?

You’ll be delighted to know he’s still in the acting game, is married, has children and is as handsome as ever.

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Max Branning’s best and worst storylines as he exits EastEnders

Having knackered each bed in the neighbourhood and riled every husband, the infamous philanderer is set to depart EastEnders tonight (February 19).

And considering that we’ve had no end of dramatic Branning-centric Doof-Doofs over the years, it seems that we’re in for an unusually subdued exit.

So, let’s take the time to honour Max in style by reminding ourselves of some of his high (and low) points from his years in Walford.

* * *

Max must really rue his decision to not let Dot watch the Queen’s Speech live on Christmas Day 2007.

Instead, the family gathered to watch Lauren’s specially made DVD of Stacey and Bradley wedding, only for everyone to witness the bride-to-be snogging the groom’s dad. Ho-ho-oh-no!

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