EastEnders’ Louise Mitchell to find out she’s pregnant

EastEnders’ Louise Mitchell is set to soon find out she’s pregnant – but there’s another huge twist ahead for the teen.

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According to DigitalSpy,’the 17-year-old will discover she is expecting a child with Keanu Taylor – although there’s “another curveball on the way.”

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“Nothing goes to plan in Walford, so I have some worries about Louise and Keanu’s relationship. The pregnancy throws everyone – and the news to come will floor Louise.”

The actress hinted that Louise will particularly rely on Sharon after discovering the news of her pregnancy – which may make things about awkward.

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EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell pregnant and Mick Carter back

It’s safe to say that Louise Mitchell hasn’t had the best of times recently; her boyfriend had an affair with her step-mum Sharon, she’s unaware that her dad Phil Mitchell is forcing Keanu Taylor to be in a relationship with her and she was kidnapped earlier this month.

In scenes due to air next week on EastEnders, the teenager will discover she’s pregnant with Keanu’s baby but the news comes at a difficult time because it’s not long before she discovers something heartbreaking’

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EastEnders star Tilly Keeper promises another twist for Louise after baby bombshell

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EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell tells Phil she’s pregnant!

Sharon is still under pressure from Karen, who is desperate for information on Keanu. Sharon tries again with Phil but doesn’t get any further than before. Grasping at straws, Sharon asks Louise to try and find out for her.

But she’s shocked when Louise asks Phil to tell her how Keanu is, then tells Phil she’s pregnant! Unsurprisingly, Phil is furious but is she telling the truth?

* * *

Karen walks in on the family yelling at each other. Assuming Keanu and Sharon’s secret is out, will Karen let the cat out of the bag? They’re all stopped in their tracks, however, when Phil is texted a picture of a badly beaten Keanu’

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