EastEnders Tommy Moon Scarlett Butcher. Tensions between Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace)

[ EastEnders panic as Tommy Moon and Scarlett Butcher disappear ]
EASTENDERS youngsters Tommy Moon and Scarlett Butcher found themselves witnessing a chaotic fight between their mothers in Tuesday’s episode,

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Tensions between Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) came to a head in Tuesday’s instalment of the BBC soap.

* * *

“So you’ve been thinking about what your mum has told you about your dad?” the Albert Square cleaner assumed.

“More like what she’s not told me,” Tommy answered before he asked Jean what she knew about his real dad, Michael.

* * *

Jean spoke to Kat about Tommy’s worries, and when she spoke to her son she was furious to discover that Janine had told the 10-year-old the truth about what Michael was like.

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EastEnders fans gobsmacked as Scarlett Butcher returns after Tommy vanishes

EastEnders viewers were taken aback after Tommy Moon was revealed to have been meeting Janine Butcher’s daughter Scarlett Moon

Ben Mitchell’s daughter Lexi Pearce revealed that Tommy was meeting up with the mystery female he had been in contact with.

* * *

Sadly, Tommy was not in the playground and despite involving police officer Callum Highway, Kat had no idea where Tommy was.

Lexi revealed that Tommy had his mobile phone after she helped steal it back after it was confiscated by Kat.

Chelsea Fox walked into the launderette and when hearing the commotion revealed she had seen Tommy playing with his football in the park.

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EastEnders’ fans left confused after Scarlett Butcher reveals she’s in care

Viewers were left confused with Scarlett Butcher’s confessing she’s in care with many people asking where on earth Janine is!

EastEnders’ fans were left shocked when Janine Butcher’s daughter Scarlett turned up on Albert Square completely alone in Friday’s episode (August 27).

Scarlett, who is the daughter of Janine Butcher and Michael Moon, claimed she had been with 10 different foster careers after her mum had dumped her.

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