EastEnders SPOILERS Heartbreak Ben Mitchell. Did you expect things to go smoothly?

[ EastEnders SPOILERS: Heartbreak for Ben Mitchell over hearing surgery ]
Ben Mitchell will be left devasted on Monday night’s episode of EastEnders as he prepares for surgery. The troubled man has lost his hearing and is eager to get things back on track.

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However, everything goes pear shape on the day of his surgery because’ well it is EastEnders after all. Did you expect things to go smoothly?

Ben tries to wrangle police information out of his boyfriend Callum, which leads to an altercation between the pair.

Feeling guilty about leaving him ahead of his big surgery, Callum returns but it soon becomes apparent that their fight isn’t the only thing upsetting Ben.

When Kathy shows up to support Ben and reassure him ahead of his surgery it’s clear that he is ill.

A fact further aggravated when Ben notices Callum and Kathy being distracted by Frankie fighting with a doctor.

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Many things are taking place:

EastEnders spoilers: Ben is devastated as his operation is cancelled

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) has been through a lot over the past couple of months in EastEnders, but there’s seemingly more heartache ahead for the young man in tonight’s episode, as he learns that his hearing operation can no longer go ahead.

Ben upset boyfriend Callum (Tony Clay) during the latest episode when he attempted to get some police intel out of him ‘ which resulted in an altercation ensuing on the day in which he’s set to have his hearing operation.

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EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell’s fate sealed in heartbreaking Callum Highway twist?

Keanu and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) wrestled on the boat before the mechanic told Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) where Callum could be found.

But, unbeknownst to Keanu, Callum seized an opportunity to escape and fell into a deep pit in the warehouse.

Shirley called out to Callum but the undertaker had been knocked unconscious which led to Phil believing Keanu had lied to him.

* * *

In tonight’s instalment, Ben continued his search for his boyfriend while Lexi Pearce (Danielle Harold) and Jay’Brown (Jamie Borthwick) noticed something wasn’t quite right with the Mitchell son.

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HEARTBREAK in EastEnders as Walford’s BEST-LOVED couple hits the rocks

There’s heartbreak on the cards for EastEnders favourites Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway as Ben struggles to come to terms with his hearing loss, leading to him lashing out at his boyfriend.

EastEnders fans will know that Ben has been left almost entirely deaf after hitting his head on the night of the Thames boat tragedy.

* * *

Understandably Ben is struggling to get his head around the fact he may never be able to hear again, and despite having Callum’s support, he is worried about his upcoming appointment to talk about his operation.

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EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell set to suffer from psychological trauma after going deaf

EXCLUSIVE: A brain injury specialist spoke to Mirror TV about the effect damage done to Ben’s brain could have as well as his hearing loss on EastEnders

EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell could suffer from psychological trauma and anger issues following the damage done to his brain.

Ben, played by Max Bowden, damaged his hearing after almost drowning following the boat accident which saw Dennis Rickman meet his watery end.

Phil’s son has clearly been left traumatised after slowly losing his hearing and, in heartbreaking scenes, broke down in boyfriend Callum’s arms after realising he couldn’t hear anything last week.

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