EastEnders Phil Mel Dirty Den Michelle. Let’s take a look at Eastender’s steamiest affairs.

[ EastEnders’ top ten steamy soap affairs from Phil and Mel to Dirty Den and Michelle ]
EASTENDERS has provided the nation with plenty of dramatic moments in the past, including a whole host of scandalous affairs.

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From Phil and Sharon… and then Mel, to Dirty Den and Michelle, we take a look back on some of the greatest secret romances that rocked Walford. Let’s take a look at Eastender’s steamiest affairs.

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In one of the most classic EastEnders episodes ever, their secret was outed when Bradley decided to put on a DVD of his and Stacey’s wedding day, which was a Christmas gift from Lauren.

Lauren had caught Max and Stacey talking about their illicit relationship and even sharing a kiss before Stacey walked down the aisle to Bradley – blowing their cover entirely.

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EastEnders turns 35! A look back at the soap’s biggest moments

The soap has been no stranger to drama since it first arrived on screens on 19th February 1985, with plots ranging from the Phil Mitchell’s shooting to Dirty Den’s resurrection.

So as EastEnders marks its iconic anniversary with an special week of episodes, here is a lookback at some of the soap’s greatest ever moments.

Jaw-dropping: EastEnders celebrated its 35th birthday on Wednesday, and has been marking the milestone with a special week of episodes

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It’s still one of the most-watched moments in television history, and was considered the moment that put the soap on the map.

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35 EastEnders moments to celebrate its 35th anniversary

With three decades, 6082 episodes ‘ who’s counting? Not me ‘ and who knows how many compelling storylines to its name, it’s safe to say the EastEnders has well and truly earned it’s reputation as something of a national institution.

From the jaw-dropping ‘Doof Doof’ cliff-hangers, to the coining of iconic phrases such as ‘Get outta my pub!’ ‘ or ‘Bubbly’s in the fridge’ ‘ the BBC One soap holds a dear place in the nation’s heart, and ‘ what with the residents of Walford being on our screens four nights a week ‘ we’ve come to regard them as, well, faaaaamily.

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