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[ Emmerdale airs powerful scenes as Charles and Ethan share experiences with racism ]
Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale aired powerful scenes on Wednesday (October 13) as father and son Charles and Ethan Anderson discussed their experiences with racism.

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Ethan and Charles’ relationship has been strained as of late after Ethan found out the truth about why his mother Esme left.

Esme and Charles had met up last week, with her giving Charles a letter to hand to Ethan. But while Charles was deciding what to do, Ethan found the letter in which Esme explained she left because she was suffering from postnatal depression.

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However, Charles then told his son that Esme revealed she was pregnant the day before she left, meaning Ethan has a long-lost sister. What’s more, Charles had told her not to contact Ethan.

Then, when Ethan finally met his mum again, the meeting went badly, with him blaming both his parent for what had happened.

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In case you are keeping track:

Emmerdale star Emile John calls for Ethan to catch out evil Meena

Emmerdale star Emile John has revealed that he’s hoping his character Ethan Anderson can be involved in Meena Jutla’s dramatic downfall.

Once Meena (Paige Sandhu) had achieved her aims with the subterfuge, she was quick to cut all contact ‘ leaving Ethan heartbroken over his absent mum all over again.

So far, Ethan has never discovered what Meena did, but we all know that secrets in Soapland never stay under wraps forever.

He told us: “I’d love Ethan to find out what Meena did. Paige is doing such excellent work with her current storyline. I’m so proud of her.

“I’d love Ethan to get a little chunk of that cake, so it’d be interesting if he discovered that Meena tricked him. Fireworks would definitely be in the mix there, if he does!

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Emmerdale fans all have the same complaint about vicar Charles Anderson ‘ and they want answers…

Charles – who is played by Kevin Mathurin on the ITV soap – has become a firm favourite on the soap since arriving last year.

But viewers have struggled to believe that Charles manages to squeeze in a full-time job with the amount of time he spends in the caf’.

Fans of the soap joked that the vicar should stop spending so much time relaxing and get back to work.

One wrote: ‘Charles from Emmerdale and Billy from Corrie are both vicars who are never in the church.’

* * *

last week Victoria Barton actress’Isabel Hodgins’and David Metcalfe actor’Matthew Wolfenden’were filming intense scenes at a water sports centre in Teeside.

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Love Island star Danny Bibby defended by his dad after n-word storm

Love Island star Danny Bibby’s father has come to the defence of his son after ITV2 fans noticed a racial slur on his social media page

Love Island contestant Danny Bibby’s dad has defended the reality star after a racial slur was unearthed on his social media page.

In a statement issued by Danny’s dad in response to the racial slur, Richard defended his son and maintained that Danny had made a ‘mistake’.

He added: “Although it was not done maliciously, it was a mistake. I absolutely apologise on his behalf for the offence this wording may have caused. That would never have been his intention.”

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