Emmerdale Liv Flaherty. Instead, Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary will appear as hosts.

[ Emmerdale fans are disgusted after Liv Flaherty is danced around by her drunk mum after collapsing ]
EMMERDALE fans are disgusted after Liv Flaherty’s mum Sandra drunkenly danced around her collapsed daughter.

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In case you are keeping track:

Emmerdale fans disgusted as Maya Stepney targets Liv Flaherty amid grooming plot

Emmerdale fans raged at Maya Stepney, as she targeted Liv Flaherty in her plan to groom stepson Jacob Gallagher.

Emmerdale viewers were disgusted as Maya Stepney stepped up her plan to groom teenage stepson Jacob Gallagher, targeting his new girlfriend Liv Flaherty.

After initially starting up a romance with Aaron Dingle’s sister, he soon decided it was actually Maya that he wanted to be with.

Maya has been manipulating Jacob for months, convincing him that she loves him after he developed a crush on her.

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