Emmerdale WRONG Dawn Taylor. Taking to Instagram stories, Phillip shared a backstage clip of Holly moments before they went live

[ Emmerdale fans confused after pointing out something is WRONG with Dawn Taylor’s exit ]
Emmerdale fans have noticed that Dawn might have forgotten something’ Emmerdale fans have pointed out that there is something wrong with Dawn Taylor’s exit from the village last night after she left ‘

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Not only did she have to fight to get herself clean from drugs, but also prove that she could provide the school boy with the stable home he deserves.

With Will and Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) by her side, Dawn has rebuilt her relationship with Lucas.

* * *

Malone blackmailed Dawn into taking an overdose, but she ended up shooting him in self defence (Picture: ITV)

After shooting Malone in self defence, Dawn has be struggling with the guilt of what she has done, and dumped Billy to protect him from the truth.

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Emmerdale fans confused over ‘forgotten’ Cain and Nate scene as they come to blows

Emmerdale’s Nate Robinson and his father Cain Dingle are still not on good terms, after Nate’s fling with his wife Moira

Emmerdale viewers were a little confused recently when they saw Cain Dingle threaten his son Nate Robinson yet again on the ITV soap.

After clashing with Kim Tate over her threat to make ex Moira Dingle’s farm bankrupt, Cain had to be held back from doing anything stupid.

* * *

Things got quite tense between the pair with Rhona Goskirk forced to intervene, as Cain told him to leave.

* * *

Wanting to bring him down for abandoning him as a baby, secret son Nate started an affair with Moira to get back at him – unaware he didn’t know he existed.

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