Emmerdale David Victoria Jacob. It comes three years after Steps staged one of the most successful comebacks – and marks their

[ Emmerdale fans furious as David brutally rejects Victoria to make Jacob happy ]
Emmerdale viewers were not pleased as the unfulfilled romance between David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden continues to face heartache ‘

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Eric urged David to choose and be as happy as he can be, likening the love triangle to his own with Faith Dingle and Brenda Hope.

Meanwhile, Victoria finally confessed to stepmother Diane Sugden that she is in love with David, prompting her to be encouraged to pursue her love for David.

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The moment also drew the ire of Emmerdale fans who had been willing for David and Victoria to finally get together.

Meanwhile, another social media user penned: “Bet we have another few weeks of David going back & forth between Meena & Victoria, only for him to eventually get with Vic!Boring!!”

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EMMERDALE viewers were outraged tonight after David Metcalfe stormed off to have it out with Liv Flaherty for keeping quiet about Jacob and Maya – despite him not reporting it to the police.

Fans quickly jumped to the schoolgirl’s defence and slammed David for not having his priorities straight.

After discovering Liv knew about the illicit affair before anyone else and had been blackmailing Maya for money, David was incensed and headed over to see the teenager.

Slamming open the door he angrily barged into her home followed by Leyla to have it out with her but viewers couldn’t believe he was shouting at her but STILL hadn’t gone to the police.

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