Emmerdale Andrea Tate Jamie Belle. His comments follow reports that 5G masts were ‘set on fire’ after coronavirus conspiracy theories

[ Emmerdale hints at Andrea Tate discovering Jamie’s affair with Belle ]
Emmerdale’s Andrea Tate looks closer to finding out about husband Jamie’s affair with Belle Dingle than ever, as more people in the village find out about the pair’s secret romance.

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Tensions have been rising between the married couple in recent weeks, with Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) growing increasingly distant and spending more and more time at the veterinary clinic.

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In tonight’s episode (Monday April 13), having not been able to get hold of him for an entire evening and morning, a suspicious Andrea (Anna Nightingale) quizzed her partner on what he’d been up to.

Afterwards, Nate spotted Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) and Jamie arguing and in an attempt to protect her, pushed the latter up against a wall.

“You’re making something out of nothing! Belle’s just mad at me about losing her job,” Jamie assured, as Belle told Nate to leave them alone. But the truth came out once Jamie stormed off.

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Date: The secret's out. Is it only a matter of time?
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Emmerdale hints at big Andrea Tate discovery as Nate threatens Jamie

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Emmerdale Belle Dingle paternity riddle as affair ‘set to end in double pregnancy’

Emmerdale looks set for a paternity twist as fans are sure that Belle Dingle is going to get pregnant after sleeping with Jamie Tate – and his wife could be pregnant too

Fans have taken to social media to predict that Andrea will also discover she is pregnant too, after Jamie slept with both of them in the same afternoon in infuriating scenes.

Jamie can’t decide who he wants to be with, as he is trying to give his failing marriage with Andrea another go after they briefly split earlier this year.

However, it seems that he will be drawn back to Belle, especially as she could be about to discover she could be pregnant with his child.

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Emmerdale reveals secret fling for Jamie Tate and Belle Dingle

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Kim’s kind-hearted son make a mysterious phone call yesterday, and in tonight’s episode a private chat in person with Belle confirmed she was on the other end.

While Pierce finished off Graham, Jamie sped off in his car after discovering estranged wife Andrea Tate had betrayed him by teaming up with Mr Foster to plotted to shop the family for fraud. Turns out he had arranged to meet co-worker Belle, and their heart-to-heart about his wrecked marriage resulted in a kiss.

Guilty at cheating on boyfriend Ellis Chapman, Belle wants to keep it quiet but Jamie has already lied to the police investigating Graham’s demise about his whereabouts. Andrea surprisingly leapt in and ‘ with no hesitation ‘ convinced her hubby they should be each other’s false alibi, meaning she too has something to hide ‘ but what?

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Emmerdale spoilers: Graham rips Tate family apart as Millie’s dad revealed

After months of wondering whether Millie was his daughter, Graham finally got the answer ‘ but it seemingly wasn’t the one he was hoping for, as it came to light that the young girl is, in fact, Jamie’s.

As Christmas morning arrived, Millie unwrapped her presents, but she stumbled upon one from Graham ‘ much to Kim’s dismay. Without wasting a single second, the Tate matriarch set off to return the gift ‘ and showed little respect while doing so, as she fired it across the village at Graham.

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Emmerdale fans shocked as Andrea reveals she’s pregnant to stop Kim telling Jamie about her affair with G

The character, played by Anna Nightingale, is forced to reveal her secret to stop evil Kim Tate from telling Jamie about her affair with Graham.

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In tonight’s episode she makes Andrea sit down with Jamie and tell him what has happened but Graham interrupts just in the nick of time.

He tells Kim, Claire King, he no longer wants anything to do with her, because he wants to try and save his relationship with Rhona.

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Those ‘watching at home couldn’t believe that Andrea was pregnant again and took to Twitter to discuss it.

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Andrea and Graham had a one night stand a few years ago, which has left Graham questioning if he’s Millie’s biological dad.

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