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[ Emmerdale spoilers: Home Farm stolen from Kim Tate after tragic health diagnosis? ]
EMMERDALE’S Kim Tate could be set to lose her business empire when she’s forced to admit her health has deteriorated following a terrifying incident at Home Farm.

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In upcoming scenes, Kim’s horrified when Jamie and Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) settle their divorce.’

* * *

Kim becomes disorientated but continues to drink brandy before trying to convince the future mother of her granddaughter that she should stay.’

* * *

It’s clear Kim has kept her health concerns secret from her family but could this be because she received some disappointing news from her doctor?

The businesswoman may have been told her dizzy spells could be the symptom of a condition that requires immediate treatment.

The matriarch has pointed out on several occasions her son Jamie would have nothing without her but her worsening health could provide the perfect opportunity for the vet to step up and prove himself.

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Many things are taking place:

Emmerdale spoilers: Furious Kim Tate returns to find Mackenzie at Home Farm

Kim Tate returns to Emmerdale next week and she is seething to find Mackenzie there at the behest of Jamie Tate, but soon kicks him out

Kim returns to Home Farm to find Moira Dingle’s brother Mackenzie Boyd living there after Jamie gave him permission.

Last time Kim saw Jamie, he was figuring out how to deal with his impending hit and run charge on Moira.

He and Kim conspired to frame Belle Dingle, who has since been taken into custody for being a danger to herself and others after her mental health took a worrying turn and she ran through the forest with a knife, hallucinating.

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Emmerdale spoilers: Huge drugs crime, devastating illness and Kim’s new passion

Liv is diagnosed with epilepsy following her most recent collapse.The news leaves Aaron beside himself, but Liv mostly seems calm about her condition.

Harriet tries to get Charles off her back and Will gets a job as Home Farm groundsman but does Kim have motives?

Aaron is not happy when Liv reveals she has organised a kayaking trip for him and Ben, but he heads off. Liv starts having a seizure and Vinny panics. Unsure what to do, he makes a call to Paul.

* * *

Jamie vows to make things difficult should Will continue to interfere with him and Dawn, after she tells him that she wants to keep their relationship professional.

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Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas pregnant with Jamie Tate’s baby after shock one night stand…

The teenager – who is played by actress Rosie Bentham in the ITV soap – will have a passionate one night stand with the millionaire vet and end up expecting his baby.

* * *

Story producer Sophie Roper teased: ‘Tracy and Nate’s due date approaches as we head to the birth.’

‘As they adapt to being new parents it will be a real test, pushing them to the limit and Tracy will take the lion’s share.’

‘It will also put a spotlight on Nate and Cain. Will they finally bury the hatchet? There’s some really emotional stuff.’

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Emmerdale’s Dingle and Tate family trees explained

Original Patriarch Zak brought the first wave of his endless brood to the village back in 1994. As with many Dingles, explaining his relationship to the rest of the clan quickly gets complicated, as there’s always a long-lost family member waiting to emerge from the woodwork. So to summarise: he’s had three wives (Nellie, Lisa ‘ twice ‘ and Joanie, widowed twice by the last two), seven kids that we know of (one of which called Nathan, with Nellie, we’ve never seen) and is related in some way to everyone on this list.

* * *

Brooding bad boy Cain grew up thinking Zak was his uncle until discovering he was actually his dad, following a fling with flighty sister-in-law Faith. He’s softened his rough edges over the years but the moody mechanic is always embroiled in some kind of trauma. His on/off romance with cousin Charity resulted in daughter Debbie, he has three sons with three mums: Kyle with Amy Wyatt, Isaac with current wife Moira Dingle, and Nate Robinson, who he only knew existed after he tracked him down in 2019 and revealed Cain’s old flame Cara was pregnant when they split over 20 years before.

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