Emmerdale Jimmy King Nicola. It’s the question that’s had the nation gripped for the past six weeks, and now over 10 million

[ Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy King ends marriage to Nicola ]
Hangdog haulier Jimmy King (Nick Miles) has put the brakes on his marriage to wife Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, telling her, ‘I’m calling it. I’ve had enough. We’re done.

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The pair have been at odds ever since little Carl’s biological mother Juliette (Amelia Curtis) re-entered their lives and started making demands about access.

In an effort to help with the family finances, Nico rashly let Charity (Emma Atkins) become a part of Home James Haulage. But the fact that she did this behind Jimmy’s back ended up driving more of a wedge between the two of them, to the extent that they began arguing in front of Carl.

The sight and sound of open warfare in the King household then had a traumatising effect on the youngster, who was discovered by Nicola to have secretly binned his pyjamas after wetting them in bed.

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Emmerdale spoilers: Beloved couple torn apart forever as village rocked by affair?

Earlier this month, Jimmy took centre stage in one of the soap’s biggest stunts as he crashed a van into the Dingle wedding barn.

Since then, the father-of-three has been in a state of quandary, with Nicola worried about his state of mind.

To add to this, she is getting involved with criminal activity to wrack up the cash needed to fight Juliette in court for the custody of Carl.

Next week’s scenes will see Jimmy discover what his other half has been up to and in such a rage, could he end up doing something he will really regret?

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As the upcoming episodes play out, Nicola will get involved with more schemes Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) and Charity are cooking up.

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