Emmerdale Victoria Sugden Luke As. I didn’t get a wink all night.”  “Sorry, you’ve caught me mid-clear up, not that you can

[ Emmerdale spoilers: Victoria Sugden’s behaviour with Luke leaves fans stunned: ‘As if!’ ]
Emmerdale fans were left flabbergasted this evening when they tuned in to see Victoria Sugden (played by Isabel Hodgins) accidentally cancel her date with Luke Posner (Max Parker).

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‘Sorry, you’ve caught me mid-clear up, not that you can tell, the state of the place!’ Victoria exclaimed picking up random clothes as she moved through her cottage.’

‘You look amazing,’ Luke complimented but Victoria batted it off: ‘No, I look like someone who’s child is a sleep thief! I didn’t get a wink all night.’

Unable to let her go out of the house in her current state, Luke kindly explained: ‘Well you must be exhausted because your top is back to front.’

* * *

After realising the mistake, she corrected her t-shirt and said: ‘Right, we don’t ever speak of this again.’

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