Emmerdale Roxy Shahidi Gabby Leyla. The two characters had a storyline together a few months back – Leyla was Gabby’s mentor at Take a

[ Emmerdale star Roxy Shahidi calls for more Gabby and Leyla scenes ]
Emmerdale star Roxy Shahidi has called for more scenes between her character Leyla Harding and Gabby Thomas in the future.

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The two characters had a storyline together a few months back ‘ Leyla was Gabby’s mentor at Take a Vow, but their friendship soured when Gabby accused Leyla’s partner Dr Liam Cavanagh of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Now the characters are involved with their own storylines, with Gabby at the centre of a big one as she is carrying Jamie Tate’s baby, and Roxy is a bit sad about that.

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“I hope as Gabby matures, maybe they will find a way to work together or become friends again. I thought it was a really nice relationship until Gabby trashed Leyla’s business and tried to end her relationship!”

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Emmerdale fans condemn writers for Gabby Thomas’ grooming accusation ‘WTF is going on?’

‘This is insane!’ Liam exclaimed and Leyla added: ‘Maybe, but either way, I need to speak to Gabby first, alone. So if you wouldn’t mind giving us some space, it’s not a request.’

* * *

‘I hope so, I really do,’ Leyla remarked then turned to Gabby and said: ‘Do you want to know why I cancelled lunch today? I wanted to see where you’d go, and here you are.’

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‘I mean it, whatever has happened, it’s not your fault, this is not on you. Has Liam’ has he tried to take advantage of you?’

Gabby replied awkwardly: ‘I’m sorry he just wouldn’t leave me alone, I went along with it, I don’t know why.’

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Emmerdale spoilers: Is Gabby leaving as she exits to Australia?

Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) is a teenager in need of some love and support right now in Emmerdale ‘ as well as maybe a seriously ticking off for, you know, leading a campaign of terror against her neighbour Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi).

Gabby has resented Leyla for entering a relationship with Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) so soon after Bernice broke off the engagement and headed to Australia with Dee Dee.

It was Gabby’s hope that Bernice’s feelings for Liam would eventually bring her mum back to the Dales but since she discovered Bernice planned to stay put in Australia and was selling the salon, she has felt lonely and without a place in the world.

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