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[ Emmerdale to bring back three missing characters next week ]
Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale fans will see the return of some of the soap’s younger and older cast members in the coming weeks.

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The TRUTH about THIS missing Emmerdale character is finally revealed next week

Emmerdale fans have been treated to special lockdown episodes for the last three weeks after the ITV studios were closed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

But next week will see the soap return to normal, with the storylines that were last aired at the beginning of June are finally picked up again.

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At the end of May fans watched Andrea and her friend Leyla Harding get the ultimate revenge on cheating Jamie Tate by revealing the truth about his affair with Belle Dingle in the middle of a pub quiz.

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Wild West: the 1992 British movie that refused to adhere to expectations

The Channel 4-backed 1992 movie’Wild West had no intention of ticking boxes, and nearly 30 years later it’s ripe for reappraisal.

I’m nine years old and looking at the cover of my dad’s VHS copy of Wild West (1992). Naveen Andrews (Lost, Planet Terror) is in a yellow cowboy jacket and hat, looking straight ahead, straight at me. He has rings on his fingers, is holding a guitar with a leopard print strap and is sat on a bicycle.

There is also a group photo of five brown people who are smiling at me. Ravi Kapoor (24, Miss India America (Dir.), Sarita Choudhury (A Hologram For The King, Homeland), Andrews again, Ronny Jhutti (Ideal, Survivors), and Ameet Chana (Bend It Like Beckham, The Black Prince), are beaming with excitement.

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