Hollyoaks’ Rachel Adedeji slams co

FORMER Hollyoaks actress Rachel Adedeji has slammed her co-star Lysette Anthony as ‘actual trash’ after she allegedly sent a text message regarding the ongoing race row.

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Rachel, who quit the Channel 4 soap this week, was replying to a screenshot of a WhatsApp group that appears to show several members of the cast discussing the situation.

It was tweeted out by Charlie Clapham, who played the role of Freddie Roscoe in Hollyoaks from 2103 until 2017.

He captioned the tweet: “Dear @chezLysette If supporting a former castmate, whilst she speaks of being racially discriminated against, makes me a traitor… then so be it.

“As for embittered, you’re currently finishing (finished) where I started out. Salty much? – Best, CC/FR.”

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Hollyoaks’ Amanda Clapham SLAMS show bosses for showing ‘no empathy’ to her co-star Rachel Adedeji

Hollyoaks’ Amanda Clapham has hit out the show’s bosses for showing ‘no empathy’ after co-star Rachel Adedeji spoke out about experiencing racism on the set.

Amanda, who portrayed Holly Cunningham on the show from 2013 to 2019, took to Twitter and Instagram on Sunday to implore her former colleagues to put forth a more concerted effort, amid protests over racial injustice sweeping the globe.

Addressing’executive producer Bryan Kirkwood and ‘senior members of staff’ the 29-year-old actress also shared examples of the ‘many microaggressions’ she’d allegedly witnessed during her time on on set:

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Hollyoaks’ Holly Cunningham actress calls out soap after Rachel Adedeji accuses soap of backstage racism

‘I have a lot of love for Hollyoaks and plenty of friends that still work there, which is why I want you to do the right thing and why I am saying this.’

She continued: ‘On your response to Rachel Adedeji on Instagram, I saw no empathy at all. You could have taken less time to respond if that’s what you needed but this really does not sit right.

‘She has told you about many encounters that will have been traumatising for her and you refer to her messages as ‘comments’.

‘Let me be clear, I have learnt a lot this week, like I’m sure many of us have. I thought I was anti-racist when in fact I wasn’t quite there. It’s true, we all need to change.

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Hollyoaks spoilers: Ste saved from far-right hell at last?

Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) is desperate to get away from Jonny Baxter (Ray Quinn) and Stuart Sumner (Chris Simmons) in Hollyoaks, but this is proving incredibly difficult considering the far-right extremists are keeping a close eye on him. However, in spite of how bleak the situation seems, Ste’s given some hope in the coming episodes.

Ste throws a note over the fence and into the Maalik’s yard. Azim (Nav Sidhu) discovers the note and waits in the yard, hoping to communicate with him over the fence. Once Ste arrives, he begs Azim for help in getting away from Stuart and Jonny and ‘ in spite of the damage that’s Ste’s assisted in causing ‘ Azim agrees to help, as reveals that he once had a friend whom he was unable to save.

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