Hollyoaks return for Warren Fox? Anna Passey on Sienna’s surprise reunion

Hollyoaks’ Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) is convinced she’s found her missing twins, Sophie and Sebastian, when she meets an au pair on Monday 15th July (E4 showing)

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‘Sienna is dragged along to visit Maxine and Damon’s wedding venue when, completely out of nowhere, Sienna sees what she thinks are her twins,’ reveals Passey. ‘They are with their au pair on holiday from Spain, visiting her family. Hollyoaks star Anna Passey calls for Warren Fox to return ... www.digitalspy.com /.../a857854/ hollyoaks -star- anna -passey- warren - fox - return Hollyoaks continued to pile on the shock twists , as fans saw Warren Fox making a brief return . Sienna just knows immediately they are hers, she is their mother and had them for a little while ‘Sebastian longer than Sophie. She 100% believes that’s who they are.’

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The Fox-Blake twins were born in November 2017, conceived within the toxic relationship between Sienna and gangster Warren who held his fiancee hostage while she was pregnant to stop her leaving him.

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Hollyoaks – Sienna Blake’s missing twins story revisited

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