Hollyoaks spoilers: Mitchell Drinkwell

Mitchell Drinkwell-Deveraux (Imran Adams) was faced with the prospect of saying goodbye to the village and all those in it during Hollyoaks tonight (November 19),

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In tonight’s episode, Mitchell’s loved ones feared the worst, as they hadn’t been able to get hold of him in almost a whole day.

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If Mitchell agreed to leave the village forever, then they’d let him do so. However, if he were to return, then they would follow through on their plan and claim that it was he who mudered Lisa.

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Hollyoaks continues Monday November 23 at 7pm on E4. A classic Friday Favourite airs tomorrow at 7pm, and find out which one here.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Hollyoaks spoilers – Mitchell catches out Toby ahead of show exit

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The MC Queen family drama of Holly oaks as the family is being tormented by a blackmailer for a long time now. A new member has entered the show and some of the characters in the show are suspecting this newcomer to be the blackmailer. Holly oaks spoiler follows.’

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Cleo is the ex-girlfriend of Mitchell Drinkwell-Deveraux and is making a comeback into the show after one year as Nadine Mulkerrin, who plays Cleo in the show, was on a maternity leave.

The character is going to return in the next week and as soon as she will come in, Mitchell’s brother Toby Faroe is going to start liking Cleo. This is making Mitchell uncomfortable but he really cannot do much about it.

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